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Charms Talismans and Spells: Dreams as Remedies, Chapter XVIII, Part - 1

Chapter No. 18

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Dreams have, in all ages and countries, been believed in as indications of the future; and all forms of superstition this is perhaps the most excusable. Whatever is mysterious as to its cause and beyond the power of the will appears as supernatural; and what more so that dreams! The thoughts in dreams, too arise out of the past and present circumstances of the dreamer, and therefore are not altogether without connection his future destiny as most other omens are. Dream is a nature’s message, may it be a good or bad. Every one is curious to know the results of his dream.

Dreams are mysterious perceptions realized when the physical body of a person is at rest. When one sleeps, the body functions go on as usual, so also mental functions go on side by side. When there are no external disturbances, the body though at rest does not prevent sensitivity and perceptivity in what we call subconscious from functioning. So it appears that the mind will be wandering or recording something which the person does in his usual awakening state. This is termed as dream. Astrologically it is said that dreams are connected with the first house. Mercury is the significator of bad dreams and Rahu is connected with the reading of the dreams. Bad dreams are considered a mental disease which is attributed to Mercury.

Dreams are seen in day as well as night time. Some times these dreams provide warning of incident or an indication of some good event. The dreams seen during disease period or when the man is worried are not reliable. Only dreams seen when a man is healthy can be relied upon as a nature’s warning.

It should be remembered that not all dreams have a special significance. Many dreams are merely things remembered from the preceding waking hours; thus if you have spent the day in your garden weeding the flower beds, it signifies nothing if you dream that night of flowers. The dreams which are significant and merit interpretation are the ones for which you can not account by the ordinary process of memory. Thus any dream which refers to something that has not happened to you in your waking hours within the last week or so is likely to have special meaning for the native. It may be a warning or a promise.

A ready reckoner of main dreams is given below indicating the nature’s message. When one dreams during the first part of the night just after sleep will show the results within a year, seen in the second part within eight months in the third part, the result of dreams appears within three months. Dream seen in the fourth part of night will indicate the results within one month. The dream seen within one hour of the day break indicates the results within six hours.

1. Abroad: - Dreaming of being abroad is a good dream.

2. Abuse: - To dream you are insulted is a sign that you will have a dispute with someone.

3. Abyss: - To dream that you are looking over an abyss is a warning of danger.

4. Acquaintance: - To dream that you fight with them signifies distraction especially if the person so dreaming be sick. If the person concerned is in love then his fiancée will be unfaithful; he will meet with great losses in his business. If the native dreams of being with a friend in any public exhibition or amusement, except soon to be called from home on business.

5. Ague: - To dream that the you have one, and are very cold, shows an inclination to strong drink, wine, spices and other hot things.

6. Air: - To dream that you see it clear and serene, shows you shall be beloved and esteemed by all people, and that those who are your enemies and envy you shall be reconciled to you. It also denotes the discovery of lost goods or things that have been stolen. If the person so dreaming by at law or journey he shall be successful therein. And, in short, all good things are denoted by a clear and serene air. But to dream that the air is cloudy, dark, and troubled, denotes to the dreamer sadness, grief, sickness, melancholy, loss of goods, falling of business, and is in all things the reverse of dreaming what we have before mentioned of a clear and serene air. But to dream that the air is very calm and without winds or storms denotes your life to be peaceable and acceptable to all company; and that whatever business journey by land, or voyage by sea you undertake, shall prosper and succeed according to you wishes.


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