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Charms Talismans and Spells: Marriage, Chapter IX, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mangal Fast should be observed for at least one year. But the Fast can be extended for 5 years or for whole of the life as advised by preceptor or by any competent astrologer. After completing the Fast of Mars, Udyapanis required. It means that the devotee is terminating the Mangal fast now onwards. He begets pardon for his mistakes and donation to Brahmins is must.

b) Sacred Gauri Fast

There is a very detailed account of our Puranas on this rare and most efficacious fast or vow for Gauri (Parvati). One who reads or recites this story every day, for one year, will get worthy spouse.

It is deemed that this fast has been in place since remote past by tradition. This fast grins husbands as desired by women i.e. according to their genuine wishes. By this fast, a woman obtains a highly affectionate husband. A girl (i.e. the aspirant) should fast on the previous day (i.e. before commencement of the month concerned), wash off the clothes (to be used the next day) and lead a restrained life. On the next day i.e. on the day of the month of Margasira commences (i.e. Shukla Paksha, Padyami, or the first lunar day of the bright half of Margasira month, with the Nirayama Sun transiting in Scorpio), she should take bath in near by river and wear the previously washed robes. In a sacred pot, the six prescribed deities viz. Ganesha, Surya, Agni (fire), Vishnu, Siva and Durga should be invoked after worshipping them with various articles offering the five kinds of rites (oblations like clothes and ornaments). Before the Kalasa (sacred pot), a square vedi (i.e. square area of ground to serve for sacrificial altar, having receptacles for the sacrificial fire) should be prepared. Sandal, incense, kasturi (musk) and kumkuma (saffron) should be applied on the vedi. An idol of Durga with ten arms should be got made of sand. A mark of saffron should be applied on the forehead of the idol, and an offer of camphor and sandal should also be made on the other part of the body of the idol. The goddess should be invoked with prayers. The idol of Durga should be worshipped with the mantra, after taking a resolution along with the moola mantra, stipulated in Saama Veda.

16. At the time of marriage of a girl when Jupiter is malefic then two pieces of gold of equal weight be donated. One of the gold pieces is thrown in the running water and second piece be kept by the girl with the clear directions that the piece at no cost by sold or used. Till this piece remains with girl Jupiter will be benefic. In case of loss of this piece due to any reasons, a new gold piece be donated by her parents but there is no need to throw second piece again in water.

In case on cannot afford gold pieces use of two small packets of saffron or two pieces of turmeric can be used in the above manner.

The following remedies are to be done as per para supra.

a) In case when Sun is malefic use of copper is made.

b) In case when Moon is malefic white pearl is not available then silver rice and river water equivalent to the weight of the native be used in the marriage.

c) When Venus is malefic donation of white pearl or gold is recommended.

d) When Mercury is malefic use of diamond or use of seashell will be beneficial.

e) Saturn not posited in beneficial way, will give relief through the use of iron or black salt or black antimony (used in eyes).

f) Rahu should be propitiated as per Moon supra. Gift of ring with blue sapphire be avoided.

g) Donation of gold to the girl at the time of marriage as per para supra is considered auspicious.

16. When Ketu is conjoined with Sun, moon mars and mercury and may be posited in any house and are malefic to a lady, then her parents should donate silver. They should also give food to hundred dogs in one day from Sun rise to Sun set.

Talismans for Marriage

1. This talisman should be prepared during Shukla Paksha. When the talisman is being written the native should ensure that Moon is not afflicting her birth sign. Now after checking all these things take seventy two white papers. Draw a box with red ink on all the seventy two papers respectively and divide the box in sixteen small sections as shown in the picture below. Fill the boxes with digits as shown in the picture and worship the talisman with incense stick, lamp, flowers and offer rice to it. Recite Kumarika stotra while worshipping the talisman. This should be done seventy two days in a row. The girl would certainly get a good match after completing the exercise. It may be note here that the girl can skip this exercise during the menstruation period to maintain sanctity of the things. It is very good for manglik girls.

















2. If a girl is facing any delay in her marriage then after properly worshipping the talisman the girl should use it. On the sankranti of Shukla Paksha the girl should not wear any under garment and cover her body with a saree till 12 noon. This exercise can be done in a closed room and should be started by this time. Write the talisman as shown in the picture. Write this talisman with the ink made through turmeric powder mixed with water of sacred river with the stylus of pomegranate and put it in the pooja place of your home. Now repeat this process on next Sunday. Worship the talisman with following mantra with the help of rosary of turmeric for eleven hundred times. Now make the wick of the talisman and light it in sweet oil. Continue this processes for seven Sundays. Meanwhile continue worshipping the talisman placed in the worship place daily in the same processes. After fixing of marriage feed Brahmins.






3 Om




9 ham

8 sah






Mam vivaho bhavtu

3. Write this talisman on a iron lock. Take 400 gms. Of dry dates and after rotating over the girl put the lock and dates on a crossing. Do not look behind. After doing this spell, water the bangles after borrowing from a married woman. God would certainly bless you with your wishes.

4. If the parents of the groom or the groom himself comes to see the girl, then girl should draw this talisman on her palm with the ink of saffron and wish by folded hands. The groom side will not say no to her.










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