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Charms Talismans and Spells: Marriage, Chapter IX, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

12. It is customary to offer some money to the boy’s father by keeping it in an envelop, to give as Shagun for confirming the marriage. Make sure that your daughter (who is to be married) touches the envelop first. Make someone else carry the `Shagun’ pretending your inability to do so. This trick will ensure your daughter’s marriage should it be facing obstructions.

13. Kumarika fast

The nubile girl should bring ½ kg of full cream milk from the market herself. This milk should be extra from the milk being consumed at home. She herself prepares the milk for making curd so that it should be ready by morning to prepare butter from it. On Monday morning she should dress up in white clothes and place a white flower in her hairs. Place the butter in a bowl made of silver or stainless steel and add sugar candy and holy basil to it. Then while sitting in front of the photograph of Lord Krishna lit incense stick, lamp and offer the butter to him and pray to him by saying that “I am your daughter and come to you so that you bless me with a beautiful and educated husband. For this purpose I am offering you this butter so that you fulfil my desire. Then she should eat the butter herself and should not give any share to any one in the family. Make curry of residue of the skimmed milk which the family can eat. The girl should not make food on that day. No need of keeping fast but have food once during the day. It must be ensured that no guest should be invited on this day at home. Keep the fast for continuous four Mondays in the same manner. On the forth Monday after offering food to Lord Krishna have food. This Monday sweets should be part of the food. Give a share of your food to cow, dog and crow during this period. If the menstrual cycle starts during this period then leave that Monday and continue with it the next Monday. There is no need for keeping fast for the four Mondays. White dress could be changed at the time of sleep. On the day of fast the girl should concentrate on the Lord Krishna and ask for his blessing for early marriage.

14. This is a Mantra for girls who want to get married. They should say this Mantra on a daily basis.

Kaatyaayani Mahaamaayey Mahaa Yoginya Dheeshwaree

NandaGopa suta Devi Pati Mey Kuru Tey Namaha

15. Those who have manglik dosha in their chart should do fasting as told below. Fasting is one of the most important, simple, simplistic and a traditional way of rectification of various kinds of maladies. Fasting is done for the purging of Manglik dosha, the important fasts done are: 1) Mangal vrat; 2) Sacred Gauri Vrat.

a) Mangal Fast:

Manglik persons or those who are suffering from the evils of Mars regarding the absence of conjugal bliss owing to any reason, or the possibility of loss of life of the partner or separation, or otherwise those who are leading miserable married life due to the adversity of Mars must observe fast on Tuesday in the following way:-

First of all Mars should be worshipped with sixteen rites with full faith, devotion and dedication. Certain specification, norms, methods and stories have been mentioned in various texts on fasts. Here we will be discussing all important points of Mangal fast i.e. observation of fast on Tuesdays. We want to draw the attention of such readers that fast on Tuesday does not mean the fast of Hanumanji. Mangal fast may be observed to please Planet Mars, Mata Durga or any of her incarnation and to please Hanumanji as well. Here we are mostly concern with the fast on Tuesdays to prevent the adversity cast by planet Mars. The girls or ladies who are suffering or may suffer due to the evil effects of Mars in their birth charts or if they have Mars dosha and get married with a non-Manglik boy, must observe fast on Tuesdays.

The resolution should be taken by keeping rice, water, betel nuts, flowers and money in the right palm facing towards east or worth. Thereafter the contents in the hand should be put in front of Ganesha. After resolution worship with sixteen rites of Ganesha and planet Mars is essential. Without Ganesha pooja, the native is not bestowed with the good results. This is well-established fact that Agrapooja is most essential before offering any other worship to the concerning power of planets or God.

During Mangal Fast one may take a glass of milk, tea or juice in the morning after the above resolution and worship etc. Thereafter one should take food made of wheat flour and jiggery between 12 noon to 3 p.m. If one does not want to take this due to any reason he or she may eat sweet fruits or sweets instead. The salt of any kind is strictly prohibited in Mangal Fast. Any fruits which contain salt should not be taken. After completing the Fast one should recite the Aarti of Mars before going to bed. If it is very essential one may take one or two fruits after Aarti and before going to bed.


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