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Charms Talismans and Spells: Female’s Problems, Chapter X, Part - 1

Chapter No. 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Ours is a man dominated society but Indian culture and classics give full regard to the females. As the society is influenced by other cultures, situations have changed in the society. Now, if a woman is living a happy married life she becomes a subject of jealousy for her friends and family members. There are very less women who are living a happy married life. Lucky are those who do not have any type of confrontation in their families either with their in-laws or with their husbands. We hope that every one is happy at her home. However, those who are not that much lucky, for them, we are giving some remedies for their exclusive use.

1. In Indian society drinking is considered as a sin. Females never welcome this habit in their husband and try that he should leave this habit at once. For this we are giving one spell. The day a woman’s husband came home drunk and suddenly put off his shoes or any footwear and the shoes get reversed on its own then the female should take flour equal to the weight of the footwear and bake chapattis without the help of the round plate on which bread is baked (tawa) and pastry board (chakla) and serve them to the street dogs. The lady would find that her husband did not relish liquor and if this incident occurs three times then he would leave it for ever. It is a tested one.

2. Another spell for getting rid of this problem is to buy a bottle of liquor on Sunday of the same brand which your husband consumes and offer the same in the Lord Bhairon’s temple. Now purchase the same bottle from the temple’s priest by paying some money to him. When your husband is sleeping then while rotating the bottle over him recite the following mantra (Om Namah Bhairvahaiye) for twenty one times and put it on the roots of the Pepal tree at the time of twilight. The lady would find that her husband had give up drinking.

3. Another spell is that when your husband is not in intoxicated state; ask you children to take liquor from a bottle while reciting the mantra (Om Pitayeaiah namah). Of course, you must tell them it is drama to teach their father a lesson. It is natural that their father will certainly annoyed with them due to that act. You will certainly notice a difference in your husband. He would leave drinking.

4. In Indian society a lady has always an iota in her mind that might her husband is having illicit relations with someone. If this is a fact then the lady should burn a cake of camphor daily in her bed room. If there are relations then they will certainly break and if there is apprehension of that then the husband will flush out thing from his mind.

5. On the Sunday night while going to bed the lady should strew some red vermillion on the bed on the portion where her husband sleeps and in the early morning she should worship Goddess Parvati and put it in her middle line of hairs on the head. The relations between the couples would become better.

6. The lady should keep two gomti chakras, some yellow mustard in a bag made of red cloth. Energise the two chakras with any mantra. On one chakra write the name of the husband and on the other write your name and keep them in the cupboard of your room. There would not be any war of words between the duos.

7. If your husband is very quarrelsome then you should start this remedy from Monday. On Monday morning you should worship the Ashoka tree by lighting dhoop and a lamp of pure ghee. Narrate your problem in front of Ashoka tree and water it. Now pluck seven leaves from the tree and keep them in your pooja room and worship them daily for the seven days. Now on next Monday repeat the same exercise and flow the dry leaves in flowing water or keep them in the temple of your area. You will feel the difference in your husband after the spell is over.

8. It is found that sometimes confrontation arises between husband and wife without any reason. Such things could be avoided by doing a small and simple remedy. The male should keep red vermillion under his pillow in this bed room and the female should keep camphor under her pillow. In the morning the male should drop half of the vermillion in the house and put the remaining vermillion in the comb line of her wife. The female should light the camphor in the bedroom. They will observe that no hot exchanges are taking place between them.


Shanker Adawal

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  1. guruji,

    I am having doubts regarding 4th remedy.1)shall wife should burn the camphor during menstruation cycle also. 2)Is Wife and husband must be there in bedroom while burning camphor.3)you said that burn daily sometimes if wife is not there in the house (went to some where) any one inthe house who is staying can burn. 4)If couple is staying out of house (ie., in hotel or in relatives house) then shall I burn in that room where we stayed bcoz you said burn daily.
    please clarify my doubts as I don't the procedure if I do without knowing any thing it will become misuse so please sir reply to my questions.


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