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Charms Talismans and Spells: Marriage, Chapter IX, Part - 1

Chapter No. 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Marriage is an important and auspicious social function in India. A lot of remedies have been prescribed for the persons who do not have good yoga in their horoscope or there is any malefic position of planets in the horoscope. Such persons have been advised to check the position of malefic planets from an astrologer and get them remedied. If yoga of marriage is there in the chart and due to planetary placements marriage could not be solemnized then following remedies are recommended.

1. Persons who have attained the age of marriage they should mix 5 gms. Of turmeric in the bucket full of water and take bath on every Tuesday. Besides they should also eat saffron for early efficacy of this remedy.

2. Such persons should give two balls of wheat flour with turmeric applied on them, jiggery, and wet gram pulse to a cow on every Thursday.

3. They should not desecrate the trees but service them by watering.

4. Recite mangal chandika stotra on Tuesday and Sundar kand on Saturday if there is manglik yoga in the natal chart.

5. On any Thursday go to a Vishnu-Lakshmi temple and offer a `Kalagi’ (an aigrette which is normally fixed at the top of the `Sehara’) to the lord, along with 5 laddoos of Gram flour. Soon the marriage will be solemnized if it is getting obstructed.

6. In order to ensure marriage at due time the person should get up early in the morning, on any Thursday in a bright fortnight and take bath, wear yellow clothes. Then getting Gram flour from the market should prepare laddoo (balls made with gram flour and sugar) in pure ghee adding crushed sugar in them. Prepare 108 laddoos and put them on a yellow basket having a yellow cloth already laid down. Put some money as Dakshina according to your financial capacity. Take this laddoo filled basket to a Shiv mandir, worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parvati and say your prayer to fulfil your desire. Then give the laddoos to a Brahman. Your wish will surely be fulfilled.

7. Start the following steps (or worship) before the image or idol of Lord Vishnu & Goddess Lakshmi, in the bright fortnight on any Thursday. Chant the following Mantra’s three `Malas’ (3x108 times) with the help of a Sphatik Mala or Lakshmi Varada Mala. Offer Prasadam for three months on every Thursday and pray for your daughter’s or son’s marriage. You shall get desired results. It may be borne in the mind that the person should not consume liquor meat or any type of tamsic article.

Om Lakshmi Narayana Namaha

8. The nubile girl should go to a temple of Lord Shiv, after her bath and pour down milk on the Shiv Lingam while chanting the Mantra:

Om Someshwaraya Namaha

Also chant 108 times this Mantra with the help of a Rudraksha Mala. Soon she would get married. This should be done with full devotion.

9. Another tip for ensuring the removal of the obstructions of your daughter’s marriage is the following. Chant the following Mantra for eleven days at a stretch. While chanting its one `Mala’ (108 times) every day. The Mantra is:

“Om Gauri Aave Shivji Vjahve… (mention the daughter’s name) Kaa Vivaah Turant Siddha Kare.

Der Na Kare. Der Hoya to Shiv Ka Trishool Pare- guru Gorakhnath ki Duhaayee”.

10. This mantra should be chanted after burning incense and cleaning the ambience. On the 11th day take an earthen `Kullarh’ (cup) and cover its mouth with a red cloth. Mark that kullarh with 7 points outside with the help of `roli’ (red powder), keep its marked portion towards you. Now before it chant the above mentioned Mantra for 5 `malas’ (or 5x108 times). When you have done so, keep the kullarh quietly at a crossing and don’t look back. This procedure shall ensure removal of all obstructions and your daughter’s quick marriage.

11. If a nubile girl be facing a denial or delay in her marriage she must read `Sundar Kaand’ of `Sri Ramcharita Manas’ everyday for twenty one days in a row before the image or idol of Lord Hanuman – or better before that photograph in which Lord Hanuman is seen giving Lord Ram’s ring to Sitaji. She should keep her face towards North while reading the holy text. And conclude it with carefully saying her prayer to Lord Hanuman concerning her marriage. The reading of the text should be commenced on any Friday under an auspicious Muhurta. After doing so, she must apologise for having inadvertently committing some error in pronunciation. This text should be preceded and followed by the following `Samput’ rhyme:

Jab Janak Payi Vishishta Aayasa Byaah Saaj Sanwarike

Mandavi Shrutikeerat Urmila Kunwar Laayi Hankaarike


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