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Charms Talismans and Spells: Lucky Charms, Chapter XX, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

11. Bull: - This is a symbol of strength, power and determination. To wear the replica of a bull especially its head will bring to the wearer, the qualities of a powerful, strong and determined person.

12. Cat’s placenta: - After child birth cat gives out bag type of thing. That bag is called Cat’s Jar. If it is kept in locker then it increases ones finances.

13. Clover: - The four leaf clover has long been considered a source of much luck. According to tradition, one leaf of the clover brings face, another wealth, a third faithful lover and the fourth good health. Hence, the clover is considered a source of good luck and fortune.

14. Cross: - This sign is attributed to Lord Jesses Christ. It ensures prosperity, peace of mind, purity in life and finally helps the wearer to realize Christ.

15. Dolphin: - This is a fish like creature. The replica is worn for success in music, literature and painting. It influence on these arts is said to be great.

16. Ekk Onkar: - This is a universal replica of brotherhood and advancement of spiritual upliftment being used by Sikhs throughout the world. This replica is on the lines of Hindus wearing an Om and swastika. It brings peace of mind and is worn around the neck and made of gold, silver and other metals.

17. Fish: - The ancient Hebrews along with other people adopted the fish as a religious symbol and it has come down to the present period in various religious rites. Due to its great fertility, it is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Many people wear little carvings of fish as a means of ensuring wealth and good luck.

18. Gorochan: - It saves one from the fear of ghost etc.

19. Hand: - The figure of the hand is a symbol of the food qualities of hospitality, generosity, strength and goodness. Usually the hand is that of Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed and the wearer of the symbol is supposed to be endowed with those qualities represented by the hand.

20. Hatha Jodi: - It is a plants root. It looks like two arms joined together. It save one from the scare of ghost etc. and increases ones financial status.

21. Heart: - It is symbol of love. Lovers give each other a symbol or small replica of heart as pledge of love and fidelity. To wear it means that the wearer accepts the pledge of love in all sincerity.

22. Horse Shoe: - It is used every where and is always used in ways to keep the luck from spilling over. A black horse shoe, its ring is specially used to ward off the evil effects of the planets Saturn and that of the evil eye. It also removes the effects of 7 ½ years cycle of Saturn which is known as sadesati and the wearer is benefited with wealth. It gives remarkably good results.

The belief in the efficacy of the horseshoe as a lucky charm is widespread and ever since it was recognized as horseshoe, it appears to have been accounted lucky. From India to United States and England it is considered lucky and used by them. It is believed that no witch is said to be able to enter a building, no evil come where a horseshoe is nailed pronged downwards. It is also fixed on the doors.

23. Indrajal: - It is a sea plant. If one has this at home one is saved from the powers of magic, ghosts etc.

24. Key: - Three keys are usually worn together. In this charm the keys stand for love, wealth and health and the wearer is believed to be able to unlock the doors to these.

25. Khanda: - Khanda is a religious emblem of the Sikhs which is composed of three parts. The central sword belongs to Guru Hargobind Sahib. The two swords on the side are attributed to the 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the central circle used to protect and destroy the enemies. This emblem indicates courage, valour, protection from enemies and the destruction of all evils. Sikhs used this emblem as a lucky charm made of gold, silver etc., and wear around the neck to attain all the virtues of Khanda.


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