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Charms Talismans and Spells: Lucky Charms, Chapter XX, Part - 1

Chapter No. 20

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Since ancient times people have faith in charms, amulets, talisman and other similar types of articles. It is also seen that some marks, tattoo were inscribed by the persons on their body or such persons carry some articles with them. These things were being done to ward off the malefic effects. Of course, such types of practices are done even today and people are seen carrying their lucky sings or some talisman with them to bring in luck. Many people make and carry their own charms. This is perfectly permissible. If an object seems to be connected with one’s success, it is permissible to use this object as a charm and a source of good luck. In this chapter we are giving a brief description of theses charms or talismans which are used by the people even today. Often an heirloom, which has brought good fortune to the family, will be passed on to the child and heirs in the family, so as to retain good luck.

1. Abracadabra: - This word must be written on parchment or paper, the first line in full, then the second line has the last letter omitted on son, till in the last line there only remains the letter A, the whole forming an invert cone. It is used for curing of diseases. Some people are of the opinion that it could be used for the curing of ague. One of the first known mentions of the word Abracadabra was in the 2nd century AD in a poem called De Medicina Praecepta by Serenus Sammonicus, physician to the Roman emperor Caracalla, who prescribed that malaria [1] sufferers wear an amulet containing the word written in the form of a triangle: [2].

2. Acorn: - It is a nut or fruit of the oak tree called oak apple. For a long time people have been known to carry a dried acorn believing that it would give them youth. Also many believe that it will cause a lover to return and repent for leaving his beloved.

3. Arrow head: - Arrow head offers protection against evil, especially from the evil eye. It is usually worn around the neck and one that is found is better than one which the wearer makes himself.

4. Axe: - An axe head carved from an attractive piece of stone is believed to be a charm against evil. Usually it is worn around the neck either with a string or chain.

5. Badger tooth: - Since ancient times when playing cards were invented, players have worn a badger tooth in order to have luck at the game. It is especially good for children.

6. Bamboo and serpent: - This is an ancient and complicated symbol. It consists of a circle around which numerous triangles are inscribed. Across the circle lies a bamboo stick of seven sections crossed by a serpent. This charm is supposed to bring skill in learning and is worn by students. While defining this charm, scholars have said that circle represents perpetuity, triangle having three sides represents the trinity, bamboo sticks have seven knots to represent, the seven stages of wisdom through which the scholar must pass to attain perfect knowledge. The serpent has always been a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Each of them can be used as lucky charm but when added together, all these bring luck and success to the students and the wearer.

7. Beads: - Beads are worn for prosperity, cures from diseases and for spiritual advancement. Coral beads are used by children to protect them fro the evil eye or from diseases. The best beads are Rudraksh wood, sandal, basil (Tulsi) and coral.

8. Bees: - In jewellery, figures of a bee or bees in a precious metal, like gold etc. are made and embedded with precious stones. This when worn, brings great success ain business. The wearer will be energetic, will preserve and will have success in any enterprise in which buying and selling is involved.

9. Birthday signs: - One can use the replica of his/her Sun Sign in the prescribed metal for good luck, happiness and prosperity.

10. Black horse shoe: - It should be hanged in front of the entrance door of office or home. It saves one from evil eye, ghosts etc.


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