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Charms Talismans and Spells: Dreams as Remedies, Chapter XVIII, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

44. Bells: - To hear bells ringing, brings good news to some, but generally denotes alarm and wrangling especially if the dreamer is married.

45. Birds: - If you see them flying, you will take a ling journey, or hear sudden news; if they seem sportive in their flight, your journey will be pleasant. To dream you see many birds denotes assemblies and suits at law. To dream of catching birds with nets shows the entrapping or ensnaring of enemies by deceitful means. To dream of great birds, is better of the rich than the poor. To dream of the little birds the contrary. To dream that you hear little birds chirp is a good sign. To see birds fighting betokens adversity. To see birds fly over your head shows prejudice by enemies. To see black birds denotes trouble. To hear birds sing is joy and delight.

46. Birds-Nests: - To dream you find one is a good sign. To dream you find one without either eggs or birds shows you will meet with a great disappointment.

47. Birding: - To dream you catch birds is a sign of profit and pleasure.

48. Bite: - To dream you are bitten signifies you will suffer the pangs of jealousy.

49. Blind: - To dream of being blind shows a man shall be admonished to foresee his errors and avoid them, especially in love affairs. This dream also threatens the dreamer with want of many-when a man at noon day cannot see a penny in his purse, which is a common kind of blindness. To dream you are blind, shows you have placed confidence in one who is your inveterate enemy; avoid errors, particularly in love affairs.

50. Blood: - To dream you vomit much blood, and of a good colour is good for him that is poor, for he shall get store of money. It is also very good for him who hath no children, and whose kindred are in strange country: the first shall see a child of his own: the other his kindred returning home. To dream of carrying blood is not good for them that desire to be hidden. To dream you vomit corrupt blood is sickness to all. To cast a little blood in spitting foretells sedition as some have known by experience.

51. Blowing the faire: - To dream of blowi9ng the fire, denotes to the rich, servitude; to the poor, profit. To dream of stirring up and blowing the fire, denotes also the stirring up of wrath and that old quarrels that have long lain dormant shall be revived.

52. Blows: - To dream you give blows is a sign of a laws suit. To dream you receive them reconciliation with your enemies.

53. Boar: - To the lover, an angry wife.

54. Boat: - To dream you are in a boat upon a river, lake or pond of clear water indicates joy, prosperity and good success in affairs. If a man dream that he is walking in a boat and recreating himself without fear he will have comfort and success in his affairs: but if the water be rough and tempestuous it fall out contrary.

55. Books: - Is excellent, you will be a great reader.

56. Bouquet: - To carry one marriage; to destroy one, separation; to throw one away, displeasure.

57. Brass: - To dream you see a brass ornament is a sign your sweetheart will be false to you.

58. Bread: To dream of eating such bread as is usual or as the person dreaming is accustomed to is good; but to dream of eating unusual bread is bad and therefore for the poor to dream they eat white bread, denotes sickness and for the rich to dream they eat brown bread shows they shall meet with some obstructions in their affairs. To dream of loaves denotes friends. To dream of eating good bread denotes friends. To dream of rye bread, is good for all, it signifies health and content.

59. Brewing: - To dream of brewing is a sign of an ill housewife who lies dreaming in bed when she would be at work and doing her business.

60. Briars: - In your dream if you are going through briars you will suffer by enemies; if they make you bleed, your prosperity will be diminished; if you escape without detriment, your adversaries will persecute you in vain.

61. Bridge: - For one to dream that he goes over a broken bridge, betokens fear; and to dream you fall upon a bridge is a sign of obstruction in business.


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