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Charms Talismans and Spells: Dreams as Remedies, Chapter XVIII, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

62. Broth: - To dream of eating broth is a good sign and indicates profit or gain.

63. Brethren: - To dream that you discourse with your brethren betokens vexations; because our brethren bring us nothing when are born but diminish our inheritance and succession and are the cause that those things which would be our own entire are divided into many parts between them and us. To dream of the death of our brethren signifies not only the loss of our enemies but also deliverance or acquaintance from some loss or hurt which attended us, and whereof we stood in fear.

64. Bull: - To dream you own a bull is a sign of gain. To dream you see a bull killed is a sign of affliction. To drive a bull signifies gaiety. A black bull signifies deception and cheating; running a secret divulged; at work, a fortune; drinking, a theft; without horns peculation; fighting with another fraternal affection.

65. Burial: - To see a person buried shows you will hear of the death of a relation; if accompanied by one of your families, either he, or one very dear to him will die.

66. Buried alive: - For a man to dream he is buried alive, shows he is in danger of being unhappy and unfortunate during his life. To dream you see a burial is a sign of ling life.

67. Business: - To dream you manage businesses of great concernment shows you will meet obstructions.

68. Butterfly: - To dream of a butterfly is a sign you have an inconstant lover, or sweetheart.

69. Buying: - To dream of buying victuals raw, denotes benefit from friends; if cooked you will receive a legacy; if you are buying edge tools, if signifies you will feel a resentment against some one who was before dear to you; if of buying clothes you will receive some great unexpected benefit.

70. Cabbage: - Health, long life.

71. Cakes: - Joy and profit.

72. Calf: - To dream you see a calf is a sign of certain prosperity.

73. Camel: - To dream a camel is a sign of some great good fortune. A caravan of camels signifies a quickly dissipated fortune.

74. Candle: - To dream one sees a candle extinguished denotes sadness sickness and poverty. When one dreams he sees a shining lighted candle, it is a good sign to the sick, denoting recovery and health; and if he that dreams be unmarried it shows he will speedily marry, have success and prosper in his undertakings. To dream that you make candles is a sign of rejoicing. If the candle goes out, some of the party will be killed or wounded: if new candles come in, and continue to lit, reconciliation. To dream that you see candles not lighted shows you shall have a reward for something you have done.

75. Capers: - A bad dream.

76. Capon: - To dream that a capon crows indicates sadness and trouble.

77. Caravan: - You will travel in desert lands.

78. Cards: - Playing at cards, tables or any other game in a dream shows the party shall be very fortunate: and tables allude unto love, for love is the table, fancy the point that stands open; and that dreams much of table playing shall be a great gamester.

79. Carrots: - To dream of carrots denotes profit and strength to them who are at law for an inheritance; for we pluck them out of the ground with their heads branches strings and veins.

80. Cart: - To dream of being tied in a cart to draw like a horse or an ox, denotes servitude and pain to every body, how rich and mighty so ever they be. To dream that you are carried in your cart or coach, to be drawn by men, signifies to have might and authority over many and to have children of good behaviour. As for travelers it is to go slowly, but surely when they have such a dream.

81. Cat: - To dream of a cat signifies you will be robbed, it denotes trouble and vexation to a lover, your sweetheart treacherous; if the cat is plain smooth and fair looking, treachery, if it is lean ugly, without fur, is on your guard. To kill one an averted danger; enraged family quarrels.

82. Cattle: - To dream of keeping cattle, portends disgrace and loss to the rich, but profit to the poor. Also to dream of fat cattle, shows a fruitful year; but lean cattle denote scarcity.


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