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Charms Talismans and Spells: Dreams as Remedies, Chapter XVIII, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

22. Awakening: - To dream you awake from a sleep signifies you will inspire love with the one you wish. To awaken another person, shows that you will have a happy end to all sorrow.

23. Authority: - It is good for a rich man to think or dream he is in authority.

24. Back: - To dream you see you back, betokens some unhappiness; for the back and all the hinder parts signify old age. To dream a man’s back us broken, hurt, or scabby, shows his enemies will get the better of him, and that he will be scoffed at. To dream of the back-bone, indicates health and joy, and that he will take delight in his wife and children.

25. Bacon: - Death, disappointment.

26. Bagpipes: - To dream that you play upon them, denotes trouble contention, and being overthrow at law.

27. Ball: - To dream you go to a ball signifies you will be unfortunate in all your undertakings. Do not go into any speculations after such dream. To dream you are playing at ball denotes success in business.

28. Banquets: - To dream of banquets is very good and prosperous and promises great preferment.

29. Barking of Dogs: - Destruction and insult.

30. Barn: - To dream you see a barn stored with corn, shows that you shall marry a rich a wife, overthrow your adversary at law, inherit land or grown rich by trading. To see an empty barn betokens disappointment. On fire, a sudden gain.

31. Baking: - A good sign.

32. Bat: - An unfavourable dream.

33. Bath: - To dream one sees a bath, is a sign of affliction or grief. If a person dreams he goes into, or sees himself in a bath, and that he finds it too hot, he will be troubled and afflicted by those that belong to his family. If one dreams he has only pulled off his clothes, without going into the bath, he will have some disturbance, but of no long continuance. If one dream he goes into an extremely cold bath, the same significance is to be given of it’s as when sit is too hot. But if it is temperate, and as it ought to be, it is a good dream, presaging prosperity, joy, and health.

34. Bathe: - Means joy, if in clear water; if dirty water, disappointment.

35. Bay-tree: - To dream of the bay-tree denotes a rich and fair wife; and also ill success of affairs, because it is bitter; but it is good for physicians, poets and divines to dream of it.

36. Beans: - To dream you are eating beans, always betokens trouble and dissensions.

37. Bear: - To dream that you have seen a bear denotes you have a rich puissant, inexpert, but cruel and audacious enemy.

38. Beard: - To dream you have one is a sign of good fortune in love.

39. Beards: To a maid, marriage; to others unfortunate.

40. Bedside: - To dream of a maiden’s bedside or talking with her, denotes marriage.

41. Bees: - To dream of bee is good and bad; good, if they sting not, but bad, if they sting the party dreaming, for then the bees do signify enemies; and therefore to dream that bees fly about your ears shows your being beset with many enemies, but if you beat them off, without being stung by them, if is a sign of victory, and of your overcoming them. To dream of seeing bees, indicates profit to country people, yet to dream that they make honey in any part of the house or tenement is a sign of dignity, eloquence, and success in business. If you see bees at work, prosperous industry; if flying about, bad reports of you; if they sting you, loss of goods, reputation, or your lover. To take bees, shows profit and gain, by reason of their honey and wax.

42. Beggars: - To dream you see a beggar, foretells you will be surrounded with lovers.

43. Beheading: - To dream that one is beheaded and that the head is separated from the body, denotes liberty to prisoners, health to the sick, comfort to those in distress; to creditors, payments of debts. To Parents, good fortune and that their cares and fears will be turned into joy and confidence in their children. If one dreams that a person of his acquaintance beheads him, he will share with him in his pleasures and honours. If any one dreams that a young child, who has not yet attained the age of his youth, hath cut off his head, if the dreamer be sick, he will not live long; if in health he will get honour.


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