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Charms Talismans and Spells: Dreams as Remedies, Chapter XVIII, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

101. Cook: - To dream you see a cook in the hose is good to those who would marry for marriages are not good without a cook. It is also good for the poor for they shall have goods and ability to keep a good and long table to the sick it is inflammation heat and tears.

102. Copper: - Your sweetheart will deceive you.

103. Corn: - Profit and riches; small quantity, famine.

104. Countenance: - To dream you see a comely countenance unlike your own, betokens honour.

105. Cow: - To dream of a cow is a assign of prosperity and wealth.

106. Cucumbers: - To dream of eating cucumbers denotes sickness and vain hopes but to the sick it is a prognostic of recovery.

107. Cut: - Unfortunate dream.

108. Dairy: - To dream of being in a dairy show the dreamer to be a milksop nature.

109. Dagger: - To dream of a dagger foretells that your dearest hop will be fulfilled.

110. Dancing: - Unexpected legacy and joyful news from a long absent friend. For a man to dream that he sees himself dance alone or in the presence of his household also to see his wife children or either for his parents dance is good; for it shows abundance of amusement; but to him that is sick, or hath any disease about him, it is evil.

111. Dark: - To dream of being in the dark, and that he cannot find his way out of the room or so that he loses his way in riding or in going up a high pair of stairs denotes that the party so dreaming shall be blinded with some passion and much troubled.

112. Darkness: - This is a token of affliction and loss to come out of darkness rising from obscurity to eminence escaping from prison or honourable acquitted of a crime you will be accused of.

113. Dead Man: - To dream that you see a dead man, signifies that the dream will be subject to the same passions and fortune as the party deceased had when alive, if he knew him.

114. Dead: - To dream of talking with dead folks is a good auspicious dream; it shows great courage and a very clear conscience. To dream a man is dead who is alive and in health denotes great trouble and being overthrown at law.

115. Death: - To dream of death signifies a wedding; for death and marriage represent one another. For the sick to dream they are married or that they celebrate their weddings is a sign of death, and signifies separation from her or his companion’s friends or parents; for the dead keep not company with the living.

116. Debt: - To dream of debt we are to take notice that the debtor and creditor represent life; wherefore to the sick, the creditor urging and constraining is great danger, and receiving is death; for we owe a life to nature our universal mother, which she makes us restore and pay.

117. Devil: - To dream that one has seen the devil and that be is tormented or otherwise much terrified is a sign the dreamer is in danger of being checked and punished by the law.

118. Dice: - To dream of dice is a sign of sickness and poverty.

119. Digging: - To dream you are digging is very good but if you dream that your spades or digging tools seem to be lost it portends loss of labour, dearth or corn and ill harvest.

120. Dirt: - Dirt denotes sickness and dishonor; to fall into it, treachery and disturbance by some one.

121. Ditches: - In your dream if you see great ditches or precipices and that you fall into them is a sign that he who dreams will suffer much injury and hazard by his person and his goods be in danger by fire. To dream you go over a ditch by a small plank means much deceit by lawyers.

122. Divine Service: - The death of a relation.

123. Dogs: - When we dream of such dogs as belong to us, it signifies fidelity courage and affection; but if we dream of those which belong to strangers it means infamous enemies. To dream that a dog barks and tears our garments betokens some enemy of mean condition slanders us, or endeavours to deprive of our livelihood. To play.

Shanker Adawal

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