Charms Talismans and Spells: Moles And Their Significance, Chapter XIX, Part - 1

Chapter No. 19

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Moles are found on different parts of our body and a reference of moles is found in Books like Sankeeta Nidhi, Lal Kitab and others. These significant marks on the body are very remarkable guides either to the good or bad fortunes of any one but the reader is baffled further as to the results of such moles as it is not available in the test books. The study of moles and their meaning is based upon the ancient art of Astrology and is called “Moleosophy”. In Astrology Zodiac signs denote the parts of the body over which they dominate are summarized as under:-






Face, neck, throat, right eye and nose



Arms, shoulders, right ear, upper ribs and right hand



Chest, stomach, elbow, joints and lungs



Heart, liver, belly and back



Kidney, abdomen, anus


Libra organs

Private parts, uterus, and lumber



Testicles, groins and scrotum



Thighs, legs, and hips



Knees, nails, and patellae



Legs, ankle, left ear and teeth



Feet, left eye, and toes

The moles on the different parts of the body indicate the zodiacal sigh by which the person is being dominated. These are found since birth. But it is observed that moles appear also during the life time. They change their size and colour which indicate change of fortune. Darker colour indicates great disappointments where as light colour denotes good fortune. A mole when raised, like a wart, is a good sign, whatever is its colour.

The effects have many a times been verified and found correct. It is said that moles on left side of man and on right side of women are auspicious. It may be noted here that the moles may be black or red in colour, it matters a little.

In case of moles following points are mentioned for the verification of readers to know the effects of the moles.

(a) Moles on right side are suspicious then on the left side.

(b) Moles on body less then twelve in number are benefice.

(c) It is generally believed that moles on right side of a man and on left side of a woman be considered. But in actual practice no differences have been found. They behave equally.

(d) If Moles on right side of body are more than left side, then number of male children will be more. If on the right side more moles are found then daughters will be more.

1. A mole on the breast shows affection loyalty, strength, and courage which will gain honour. Such lady would be loving disposition, adulterous and sexy.

2. A mole on the eyebrows the man incontinent and given to women; but if a woman it shows she will have a good husband. It denotes that mole on eyebrows, both or either, indicate and happy and early marriage.

3. A mole on the forehead of a man or woman denotes they shall grow rich being beloved of their friends and neighbours.

4. A mole on the left cheek foretells fruitfulness in either sex. It is a sign of worries and downfall.

5. A mole on the left shoulder shows sorrow and labour.

6. A mole on the left side of a man denotes danger and strangling; in a woman sorrow and great pain in child birth.

7. A mole on the midst of the forehead shows wisdom and conduct in the management of the affairs. Such people are wealthy and some times attain evil temper.

8. A mole on the navel shows many children to a woman; and in man that he shall be vigorous.

9. A mole on the neck shows a man to be prudent in his actions; but a woman of a weak judgement apt to believe the worst of her husband.

10. A mole on the nose shows that the party loves pleasure more than anything else. He is lucky and loves journey.

11. A mole on the right cheek shows the party too much beloved and will come unto great fortune. It is also a sigh of success, health, wealth and happiness.


Shanker Adawal

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