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Charms Talismans and Spells: Dreams as Remedies, Chapter XVIII, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

83. Cauliflower: - Sickness, want.

84. Chariot: - To dream of guiding a chariot drawn by wolves, leopards dogs, tigers or such like beast is only good to those who have great enemies. To dream of being drawn in a chariot by men, is only good to those that desire to command and be obeyed: to others it denotes loss and discredit.

85. Cherries: - To dream you eat ripe cherries denotes good luck but sour cherry signifies a lawsuit.

86. Chess: - To dream you are playing chess is a sign of discord with friends.

87. Cheese: - To dream you eat cheese is a sign of profit and gain.

88. Chestnuts: - To dream you of chestnuts portends home troubles.

89. Children: - To dream that a man sees two or three children, shows he shall have cause of joy and meet with good success in his business. When one dreams that he hath many small children, and that they seem to him to run about the hose and yet notwithstanding he hath none, it signifies it will be very difficult for him ever to have any, besides which he that so dreams will have many cares and obstructions in his affairs. And here note that, among little children, it is better to dream that you see boys than girls. To dream anything to befall little children, which is not proper to their age, is not good; as to dream that boys have beards and grey hairs and that little girls should be married and have children, which betokens to them death.

90. Church/Temple or any religious place: - To dream you are in church signifies prosperity in business. To see a religious place closed great misfortune.

91. Clams: - A luck dream.

92. Cloak: - To dream that one has lost his cloak is good if it be old for thereby is signified that the party so dreaming shall have a new one; but if he dream of finding it again, then he shall have no change, but shall keep the old one still.

93. Clothes: - If a man dreams he was a new suit of clothes, it is a sign of honour, especially if they are paid for. To dream that you see your clothes burned denotes loss and damage. To dream that you see yourself in black clothes signifies joy. To dream that you take your clothes to put them on denotes loss. If a man or woman dream they are meanly clothed are dirty or that he hath bad clothes tattered and much worn it means shame. To dream your clothes are embroidered all ever with gold or any other kind of embroidery signifies joy and honour.

94. Clouds: - To dream of white clouds is a sign of prosperity; clouds mounting high from the earth denote voyages, and return of the absent and revealing of secrets. Clouds red and inflamed show an ill issue of affairs. To dream of smoky dark or obscure clouds shows an ill time or anger.

95. Coach: - To dream of riding in a coach shows that the party so dreaming shall love idleness is given to pride and shall die a beggar. To dream of coming out of a coach denotes being degraded from great honour and coming into disgrace upon a criminal account.

96. Coal-Pits: - To dream of being at the bottom of coal pits indicates matching with a widow for he that marries her must be a continual drudge and yet shall never sound the depth of her policies.

97. Coffee: - To dream you are drinking coffee is a sign that you have insincere who are plotting against you. To dream you see others drinking coffee signifies a domestic quarrel.

98. Cold: - To suffer from cold is a sign of a joyous life. To have a cold signifies you have secret enemies.

99. Concert: - To dream of a concert signifies a life of harmony with the one you love.

100. Confectionery: - Pleasure and profit.


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