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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 99


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father legal son goes to foreign countries and earns fame

His legal son will go to foreign countries and earn name and fame there.

This is due to exchange or parivarthan of Saturn and Mars.

(Planet next to Venus indicate this how? Mars is the legal son. Mars associated with Rahu indicates visit to foreign countries. Since Mars and Saturn have exchanged places so Mars gets associated with Saturn karka of work and so earning in foreign place. As Mars comes to its own place Aries and gets aspect of Jupiter so name and fame).

Chart No. 81


She will have ordinary education

The lady has Mercury and Sun in Sagittarius no planet in the next house and Venus in the 3rd.


But she is very intelligent

(Mercury with Sun along with Venus in 3rd).

Husband – character, job etc.

Her husband is employed in the treasury section and holds a high post and he is wealthy of good character

As Mars is in Dravgalaya (11th from Sun) her husband is emplolyed in the treasury and holds a high post and he is wealthy of good character.

(It appears that planets representing karka of live things are considered highly auspicious if 11th from Sun. here Mars, representing husband is in 11th from Sun and so the results. Mars contacts Sun so good character and well placed as Sun is in Sagittarius and further contact Venus and so wealthy and working in treasaury).

Servant – pleasure of servant

She has a servant

Saturn, Rahu in 2nd to Venus shows so.

(In fact, Saturn is karka of servant and indicates servants if placed in 2nd to Venus along with Rahu).

Paramour – from a high family

She has a paramour coming from a high family. She remains faithful to him.

(Venus as karka of female having Saturn in exaltation sign, of Venus (now karka of money) in godly sign, of Pisces along with aspect of Jupiter indicates a paramour from a high family. As Venus and Saturn are friendly so she is faithful to him.


She will be married about her 24th year

(Jupiter transit Leo in 2nd round and aspected by Venus the karka of marriages).

It looks that Venus is karka of marriages and also karka of wife. Venus is also applicable in the case of females for marriages because of a being karka of marriages. Don’t confuse with mars as mars is a karka of husband and not of marriages for females).

She also has a chance of marriages at the age of 18-19

(When Jupiter transits over natal (18-19 age) it should have given marriage but probably because of local influence of Saturn and Rahu being in 2nd house to Venus it did not give but only when Jupiter comes to Leo and Venus aspects).

Girls – achieve her goals

She has a great grit to achieve her ends

By the help of Jupiter placement in 10th from Sun

Shanker Adawal

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