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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 98


Dr. Shanker Adawal


His father is a rich man

(Sun having Venus in the next house in a friendly sign).

Rich native

He too becomes rich by his work

(Jupiter and Mars combination having Saturn in 7th to it with Venus behind Saturn. In fact Saturn is depositor of Venus).

Occupies topmost post

He will occupy the topmost post in his career and earn name and fame from 28th year onwards

(Jupiter conjoined Ketu aspect Saturn giving a top post, name and fame).

Saturn transiting on natal Saturn with aspect of Jupiter and Ketu gives name and fame from 28th onwards or no planets after Saturn.


He will have 1 sister

(Saturn depositor of Venus located in 7th from Jupiter).

Enjoy life

He will enjoy life up to 58-60 years.

(Transit of Saturn on natal on Saturn in 2nd round).

Suffer from piles

He may suffer from piles

(Jupiter conjoined with Ketu in Virgo the sign of disease). By propitiation to god he will be well.

Chart No. 80

Mother – some blemish

Indicates some blemish to the mother of the native

Moon placed in 7th to Mercury

Education good

He will have good education and be an intellectual

(Mercury aspected by Moon from 7th).

Employed in industrial unit

He will be employed in an industrial unit

(Saturn located in Aries with Saturn as depositor of Mars).

Moral high and helping

He is highly moral and has a helping nature

(Jupiter having Saturn in 7th indicates helping nature definitely and also high moral).

Rises with name and fame

After 28 he will rise, earn name and fame and live happily up to 64 years

(As Saturn transit over natal Saturn with aspect of Jupiter he rises with name and fame and till Saturn comes to Gemini in 3rd round aspected by Venus and Sun).

Houses – builds and sells away as a profession

He will build houses and sell away

(As Mars is along Rahu in Aquarius in sign of Saturn karka of service. Thus Mars being karka of house with Rahu indicate selling away and being in the sign of Saturn indicates profession of building houses and selling away. In fact Saturn and Mars have exchanged places and so Mars with Rahu also indicates this profession).

Father married life – one legal wife and other love

The father has a legal partner and another lover

Since Sun is conjunct with Venus and 2nd house there from is aspected by Moon.

(So Venus represents legal wife and 2nd house if associated with a female planet represents lover as the 2nd from Sun aspected by Moon. So Moon is lover).


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