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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 100


Dr. Shanker Adawal


She is tactful and live up to 57-58 years of age

(Venus when contacts Gemini whose lord 8th from the sign i.e. Mercury along with enemy Sun in inimical sign. Thus in 5th round when contacting Mars sign Scorpio lord in 12th in inimical sign i.e. 57-58 years).

Chart No. 82

Native temperament etc.

The native is soft natured, good, thoughtful and intellectual

Jupiter, Ketu combination.

Job in automobile institution

The native will shine in an automobile institution and earn much

Saturn, Rahu and Venus in exaltation.

Profession – follow father’s profession

The native will step into his father place and work there

With Saturn in 2nd to the Sun.

Outshine father and amass money

The native will outshine his father and amass money.

Jupiter and Ketu in 7th to Saturn.

(Jupiter and Ketu in 7th to Saturn indicates that native will shine and amass money at his place of work but the place of work is defined by Saturn’s position which is father’s place being 2nd to Sun and so the combination Saturn being 2nd to Sun with Jupiter and Ketu in 7th indicates that native will outshine his father and amass money).


He begins to earn from 24th year

(Jupiter transiting natal Jupiter in 2nd round aspected by planet Rahu, Venus and Saturn all involved in service i.e. at 24th year).


He will get married in his 30th year though he begins to earn from 24th year

(When Jupiter transits over Venus exalted in 3rd round where Venus is not only exalted but placed with friendly planets).

Saving – not much

He will not save much

(Venus placed with Rahu)

Father – 2 wives

Father will have 2 wives

(Venus and Moon placed in consecutive houses from Sun).

Lucky years

His lucky years are 30, 45 and 52 to 54 years of age

(When Saturn transit Pisces, over natal Saturn and then Virgo over Jupiter and Ketu (45) and than in sign Sagittarius (belonging to Jupiter) and his transit Pisces and Aries i.e. 52 to 54).

Chart No. 83

Service or profession

Native will serve as an auditor in a treasury department

(Saturn conjoined with Venus (treasury) with Mercury (auditor) in the next house aspected by Mars).

Service conditions – improve

His service condition will improve from 26-27 years of age

(As Jupiter transits over Mars in its own sign in 3rd round with aspect form Sun and Mercury).

Earning – after marriage

Earns much after marriage

Though Saturn is debilitated his association with Venus and Mars in 8th to both Saturn and Venus assures great income after marriage. (Though Saturn is debilitated his association with Venus assures great income as the depositor Mars is in its own house and casts aspects in 2nd house to Saturn and Venus. Being in 8th from Venus and Saturn gives earning later in life after struggles.


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