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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 97


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Good education

Has good education

(Mercury conjoined with Moon).

Happy life

Happy life from 28-30 years of age.

(Saturn transiting natal Saturn with aspect of Ketu).

Profession – native

Native will take up the same profession as his father’s.

(As Sun and Jupiter have exchanged places).


He will live up to 60 years

(Jupiter transit to start 6th round (60 to 72) and transit over Jupiter in Leo with its lord in 8th. In 6th round the sign contacts Capricorn whose lord Saturn with enemy Sun and Rahu).

Chart No. 77

Learning – impediments

Impediments in learning

(Promoter of education Mercury is in conjunction with Mars).

Nervous weakness

Indicates nervous weakness

Ketu in 2nd house to Jupiter.

Earns through medical preparation

Native will earn through medical preparation

Saturn contact at first the Sun.

Troublesome time

The 12th, 24th, 37th years are fraught with troubles

(A Ketu is next to Jupiter, so troubles when Jupiter transit at 12 and 24 and 36-37).


He will live happily up to 65 years of age

(Jupiter contacting Capricorn whose lord Saturn is debilitated and in this period transit in Aries/Taurus could be fateful).

Chart No. 78

Father, learned

Father will be a learned man giving advice to others

Sun conjunct Ketu in Mercury house Virgo so father will be learned and giving advice to others as Venus Mercury are 2nd to Sun.

Father, man of wisdom

He will be a man of wisdom and earns much but it can only be after the boy comes to the age of 12-13

(As Sun’s conjoined with Ketu and having Venus in 2nd in its own sign with friend Mercury. As Sun is placed in Virgo and going to be in its sign of debilitation was not good at time of birth but as Jupiter transit and contact Sun with aspect of Saturn it will be good at 13 years).

Father has good days, earns much

Thereafter the father will have good days, earn much and gain fame and honor

(As Jupiter transit over Venus and no planet after that).

Father’s 2 or 3 marriages

Indicates 2 or 3 marriages for the father

Sun Ketu combination with Mercury Venus in 2nd there from indicates 2 or 3 marriages for the father. (Ketu indicates 2 or 3 and Mercury depositor of Ketu conjoined with Venus in 2nd to Sun).

Gupta Roga

She (native suffers from Gupta Roga (but will get free from it as time passes)

(Venus having Saturn and Rahu in 6th house).

Chart No. 79


Native is an elderly man, capable of getting things done, has respect for elders and himself learned in Vedic lore. (Jupiter conjoined with Ketu and Mars in Virgo with Moon in the next sign).


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