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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 91


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father’s 2 marriages

Father’s of the native will have 2 marriages

Sun and Mars have exchanged places (Parivarthana). Further Sun has behind him Venus and Moon in between himself and Mars. (Venus behind Sun gives one wife. Now due to exchange of Mars and Sun comes to Leo and Moon comes in between Sun (father) and Mars (comes in Scorpio) so 2 wives.

Elder wife great influence in government service

The elder wife will have great influence in government service

Venus representing elder wife has Sun (government) in 2nd house in sign of Mars (influence and authority).


Native will get married in his 24 years

(When Jupiter transit natal Jupiter and aspected by Venus).


And have 2 boys and 2 girls born to him

(Jupiter having Mars in 5th then Moon Venus and Sun and Mercury thus 2 boy and 2 girls).


He will live up to 59-60 years and live a happy peaceful life

Means 5th round end. It is Leo sign whose lord Sun is surrounded by 2 enemies Venus and Mercury and having retro aspect of Ketu. Mars there aspected by enemy Saturn. Thus Jupiter in 5th round transiting in sign of Mars over natal Jupiter marks the end.

Chart No. 70

Father’s – financial gains from machinery

Father has financial gains from machinery used for mowing and grazing etc. is indicated – obtained through partner

Sun representing father has association of Mars and Jupiter and Moon and Rahu in 11th from Sun.

(Sun associated with Mars (machinery) and Jupiter (connected with supporting of Jeeva or giving life or filling stomach) in Gemini (sign connected with greenery and grass). Thus the combination defies the machinery used, mowing and grazing etc. The gain will be medicated from house of gains i.e. 11th from Sun where Moon and Rahu are there. Moon represent partner and Rahu represent Moon or dry wood. Besides Mars is depositor of Moon and Rahu connected with 11th gains and Moon partners).


Native will have ordinary education

(Mercury has Mars behind as a matter of fact Mercury is depositor of Mars).

Native finances

And gets his finances through sale of wines etc.

(Saturn having Moon (water) and Rahu (Tamoguna) Combination of Moon and Saturn give wines etc.) 2nd to Saturn give finances from profession).

Mother – phlegmatic native

The mother will be of phlegmatic nature

(Moon associated with Rahu, Rahu gives phlegmatic nature and Moon karka of mother).


He will begin to earn from 19-20 years of age and earn effortlessly

(Jupiter transiting in Capricorn and aspected by Mercury. Saturn in sign of exaltation of Venus also earn effortlessly).


Married at – 28

Jupiter transiting in Libra the sign of Venus and aspected by Moon.

Earn – large sums

Earn large sums from 30th year

(Jupiter transiting Sagittarius and aspected by Mars. Jupiter and Sun or Saturn transiting in Pisces over natal Saturn in sign of exaltation of Venus).


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