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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 90


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father’s employment

The father will be employed in a big secret broadcasting concern

Sun having Venus (broadcasting or communication being in Gemini) and Rahu (secret) in 2nd to its place indicates so and big because of Venus.


The native will have no comfort up to 21 years of age

(Jupiter depositor of Ketu in 9th and so no comforts up to 21. In fact Jupiter there is not happy as it contacts Taurus and Venus and Rahu and no planets till Ketu).

Native will enter government service

Thereafter he will enter government service and will hold high post in executive line.

(Jupiter transiting over Ketu give high executive post because Venus aspect it. This Venus has got Sun behind it and so gives high government job. In fact Venus is depositor of Sun).


At 24-25 he will get promotion

(Jupiter transit over natal Jupiter. Mars in its own house and Mercury all good and even transit over Sun is good.


Gets married at 25-26

(Jupiter transit over Venus in Gemini).


He will have an operation at 35-36 ages.

(Mars with Mercury an enemy with Jupiter can give operation but successful as Mars in strong. This will be there when Jupiter transit this at its own place in 3rd round).

Brother gets employed

His brother gets employed

Saturn is well placed and having Mars and Jupiter next to it and so Sun is also well placed.


He will have 5 children

Venus in the rear is having Sun Mars Mercury and Jupiter as depositor of Ketu (i.e. 3 numbers). Thus Jupiter gives 2 and other three and so 5 issues.

Longevity – land and house

Own lands and house, lives a happy life upto 71 years of age

(Mars associated with Jupiter, so land and houses. For longevity 6th round Virgo, the lord of which is Mercury is in 8th. In 6th round transit if Jupiter in Pisces as Jupiter is with Mercury lord of 6th and aspected by Saturn).

Chart No. 69


Native is a man of good conduct

(Jupiter located in Aries with Saturn in 11th and Mars in 5th. Jupiter is depositor of Ketu).

Brother and sister

He will have a sister and a younger brother

Jupiter has Venus in the 7th from his position (This gives sister and Mars a brother).

Father’s earning- medical herbs

The father will earn a lot by amassing medical herbs and using them for medical cares.

As the 2nd from Sun is occupied by Mercury and Ketu. (2nd indicate the source of earning and as 2nd from Sun is occupied by Ketu in Sagittarius representing forest and so Ketu.

(Medical) and from forest (Sagittarius). Thus it represents medical herbs. Mercury stands for knowledge and sign Sagittarius is spiritual sign so uses them for cures. In fact Jupiter is for giving life and so Sagittarius sign means uses them for giving life or cure).


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