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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 92


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Female companion besides wife

He will have a female companion besides his wife

(Venus is behind Jupiter and Moon in the sign of Mars with Jupiter i.e. Mars in depositor of Moon).


He will have 4-5 brothers and sisters and 3 will survive

Mars is associated with Jupiter and Sun and next Mercury and Jupiter is depositor of Saturn thus 4-5 brothers and sisters. Sister denoted by Venus and Moon, probably one sister (Venus).


He will live up to an old age of 68 years in comfortable way

(68 means 6th round and Jupiter would be transiting in Scorpio with its lord Mars in 8th from Scorpio in an inimical sign. In 6th round would be dying when Jupiter would be transiting in Aquarius whose lord Saturn is in process to be devoured by Rahu and having Ketu in its 8th place).

Chart No. 71

Native – characteristic

The native will be noble man, possess great intellect and excellent character, be able to adjust himself with all and show great humility. He will be honorable and religious minded

With sun conjunction Mercury and Venus and aspect of Jupiter in exaltation.

Father business

The father will be carrying business on a large scale

As Mars Moon and Jupiter occupy consecutive places.

Father’s Marriage

Father will have two marriages

As Moon lord of 7th from Sun is in Gemini, a dual sign.

(Here again Sun has been considered or Lagna).

Native business

The native will earn well by business in vehicles (car etc).

As Saturn is followed by Rahu, Mars, Moon and Jupiter on each sign or consecutive sign. (Rahu shows hidden or dark smoke, Mars shows power and energy and Moon liquids, Mars also shows vehicles, Jupiter for public use, so vehicle driven by petrol or diesel i.e. car).

Good fortune period

Good fortune dawns from 27th year and he will get married

He will get married as Jupiter will be transiting sign of Venus and after this Jupiter will be aspected by Mars Moon and conjoined with Sun Moon Mercury etc.

Foreign tour

He will go on foreign tour

(As Jupiter is placed in 7th from Venus and depositor of Ketu and Mercury also depositor of Moon).

Brother – foreign country

One brother will carry on business in a foreign country

(Sun conjoined with depositor of Ketu, i.e. Venus and depositor of Moon i.e. Mercury).

Brother owns a house

Brother will own a house at his 25th year and earn much

(When Jupiter transit Jupiter and aspect by Sun Mercury and Venus. Sun a brother conjoined with Venus the depositor of Mars and itself karka of money).

Raja yoga

The native will himself have raja yoga up to his 80th year

Jupiter passes through all signs till Capricorn i.e. 7th round i.e. 80th year.


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