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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 89


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Good intellect

Indicates a good intellect

Mercury conjunct Ketu

Educational career – impediments etc.

Native’s educational career will be full of impediments and will cause disinterest in studies

Mars and Saturn in 2nd house to Mercury

Trade in machinery and earns landed property

Indicates trade in machinery and earning landed property after some troubles

Sun conjunct Saturn and Mars.

Father getting property through wife

Father getting some property through his wife

Placement of Venus next to Sun

(2nd is for property and finance and Venus in friendly sign there).

Father trades in chemical foods

Father trade will consist of chemical foods

As Venus placed in 2nd to Sun is aspected by Moon gives trade to father consisting of chemical foods and will be beneficial.

Good days

Good days commence from 21-24 age

(Jupiter transiting in Sagittarius over Mercury and Ketu then Capricorn and till on natal Jupiter all good. Even transit of Saturn on Libra (exalted sign of Saturn) at 21 years and then over Mercury in Sagittarius and later transit are also good).

Great happiness

From 28-30 he will have great happiness, peace and harmony in life.

(Saturn transit on Saturn (28-30) and onwards all good).

Married life

Married life will be full of troubles from females

(As Venus is in 12th to Jupiter. 12th is house for deficiency, consumption and defect. Now any karka in 12th to any karka will indicate deficiency to karka to which it is 12th. Here Venus is in 12th to Jupiter indicating troubles in married life due to woman as Venus karka for married life wife and woman in general.

Chart No. 68

Mediocre education

Causes mediocre education

Jupiter conjunction with Mercury and Mars cause mediocre education.

Education after break

After break education will be taken up again

(Mercury with Mars gives break and even Sun may not be appropriate to start is but as it contact Venus he may take up education again).

Brothers and sisters

Native has 2 brothers and a sister

(Jupiter has Saturn before and then Sun and Venus. Two brothers and a sister).


The father will have a catastrophe by about his middle age

Between Mars in Aries and Venus Rahu in Gemini, Sun is posted in middle.

(Sun is placed between Mars in Aries (accidents etc.) and Venus (enemy of Sun) and Rahu which is ready to devour Sun, thus Venus and Rahu are very effective to cause catastropye and is in 3rd from Jupiter and so middle age 12 x 3 = 36).


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