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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 88


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Opposition overcome with the help of Venus, long journey and wife suffer

Here Moon has performed various functions. As Jupiter transit over Moon and being in inimical sign gives oppositions. But Venus an enemy of Moon in 6th from Moon defeat the enemy or one can say that Venus in its progression comes to sign of exaltation in Pisces and suppresses Moon. Venus helps in overcoming opposition at 42 – 44 years of age.

Another function which Moon performs is long journey as karka of it. At 42 – 44 Jupiter was transiting on Moon and exciting to give enemies. Jupiter comes to Pisces and from there Moon aspect Jupiter and transfer its activity of Karakatwas to Jupiter. Another Karakatwas of Moon is of female native i.e. wife in context with 7th position to Jupiter. This Karakatwas of wife Moon is in an inimical sign and aspecting Jupiter indicates illness to wife at that time 49 years. Thus it could be inferred.

(i) Local activity get first performance and activitized when transit over it.

(ii) Aspect over transiting Jupiter activitize Karakatwas activity.

Native earns much when?

When native will earn much.

Venus aspect the 2nd house to Rahu and Mars and Saturn transits this point in 45 year when native will earns much.

(The 2nd house indicating earnings and here Leo sign happens to be second to Rahu and Mars indicating business activity of conveyances and car etc. Thus when Saturn (karka of service and so earning connected with service) transits this point he earns much. Since this 2nd house of business activity is aspected by Venus karka of money, thus this place when transited by Saturn with aspect of Venus indicates many earnings).

Opposition overcome

At the age 42 – 44, he will have inimical opposition which he will overcome by the help of Venus.

Jupiter transit in Virgo sign (zodiacal sign of enemy) where Moon and inimical planet is there this indicates oppositions. But aspect of Venus helps as Venus antidotes the effect of Moon being in an inimical sign being enemy of Moon. In fact Moon being in inimical sign Virgo produces oppositions, but Venus aspect does not allow Moon to function and so, he overcome the opposition by the help of Venus. This age is 42 years as Jupiter transit this.

Long Journey

In his 49 year a long journey is indicated.

(Jupiter in transit at 48/49 years of age transit natal Jupiter and aspect to Moon).

Wife Suffers

His wife will suffer at this time.

As Jupiter transit on Jupiter and Moon (functionally representing wife in context with Jupiter placed in 7th or Moon in 7th place from Jupiter) located in inimical sign and aspecting Jupiter.

Brother is opponent in life

One of his brothers will be an opponent in life. Though he will be away from the native he creates troubles. He will be his father’s 2nd wife’s son.

(Mars is inimical to Saturn and so one of the brothers will be opponent in life. Besides Mars with Rahu so he produces troubles. As Mars is in the sign of Moon so he will be away and even then create problem. He will be an issue born out of Moon 2nd wife and not Venus 1st wife i.e. father’s 2nd wife’s son).


It is likely with all these troubles overcome, the native may live up to 74 years.

(It is 7th round and Jupiter touches Virgo, this lord of which Mercury is in Aries in 8th place, house of enemy. At 73-74 transiting in Aries whose lord Mars debilitated with Rahu and aspected by enemy Saturn).

Chart No. 67


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