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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 87


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Education – break, but will complete

There will break in education but will complete it.

As Mercury comes across Rahu before touching Moon, there will be break in education but will complete it.

(As Mercury touches Rahu, there will be break but further contact Moon in the sign of Mercury gives completion of education).

Trade roaring in wines and other costly things

Indicate roaring trade in wine and other costly drinks from about 27th year.

Saturn with Ketu in Capricorn and Venus in the next house indicate all this when Jupiter transit over Mercury 26/27 year.

(Here Ketu conjoined with Saturn of course gives a divine grace and blessing to profession and so a high position of roaring activity. Now Saturn is in addition in its own house, so all the more better, Venus karka of drinks (Venus being in sign of Saturn indicate Tamoguna) of high value i.e. costly. In fact Saturn is depositor of Venus and so all the more better as both are friends. Now as Mercury causative for business being in the sign of Mars aspecting Saturn and Venus. Thus when Jupiter transit Mercury and sign of Venus in Taurus i.e. about 27 years).


About 28 he will get married.

(When Jupiter transit Taurus owned by Venus which is about 27 – 28 years).

Partner’s well built and beautiful

Partner will be well built and beautiful.

(Venus having Sun and Jupiter is next house. Sun should be good charactered. Besides Venus is in friendly sign of Saturn).

Partner is from rich family and talk well

The partner will come from a rich family and talk pleasantly.

(Venus having Jupiter in its own sign along with Sun).

Financial position and conveyances

Financially the native will be well placed and will also own conveyances.

(Jupiter well placed along with Sun and having Mercury in next house and Venus in the rear in friendly house. Jupiter is aspected by Moon. However Moon is depositor of Mars and so either way aspect of Mars give conveyances or say Jupiter has Mars next to it. Financial position is good as Moon aspect Jupiter and Sun associated with it. It is primarily because of association of Sun in friendly sign).

Friends in Government circles

He will have many friends in government circle.

(Jupiter placed along with Sun representing government circle).

Fame – earn fame by about 30

He will earn fame by about 30 to 35 years.

(Moon aspecting Jupiter and so when Jupiter transit Moon and since no planet and then well placed Saturn and Venus so fame from 30 to 35).

Business of Cars etc.

He will deal in conveyances (cars) etc and will earn much.

(Mercury is karka of business in Aries sign and contact Mars karka of conveyances i.e. car etc. and Rahu. Mars sign Aries represent conveyance and Mercury contact with Mars and Rahu in Cancer gives this result).


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