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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 86


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Employment Time

He will get employment at 18 or 19 years of age.

(When Jupiter transit Venus in Leo).

(Venus has been functionally responsible for employment being aspected by Jupiter).

Improvement in emoluments

There will be improvement from 24th year and high emoluments from 30th year.

(In the year 24th Jupiter will be transiting on natal Jupiter aspected by Venus (functionally responsible for service). At the age of 30 years again, Jupiter will be transiting over Venus (finance and money) and aspected by natal Jupiter and so rise are of emoluments).


He will marry at the age of 24 – 25 someone from parental relations.

(Jupiter transiting over natal Jupiter and aspected by Venus karka of wife. She will be one from parental relations as Venus is in Leo owned by Sun representing father).

Living simple and ordinary

He will live simple and ordinary life.

(Jupiter with Ketu and Saturn in the rear. In fact Saturn is depositor of Jupiter and Saturn conjoined with Ketu).

One marriage to father but will be attached to another woman

One marriage for father but will be attached to another woman.

The placement of Moon in 7th both from Sun (father) and Jupiter in 7th house with no planet on either side of Moon indicates marriage. Now attachment with another means love and a keep. In this case Sun’s position has been taken as lagna and attached woman or other love considered. Normally love is denoted by involvement of lord of 7th and 5th and if one becomes part of family then 2nd is involved. Here the lord of 7th from Sun father is Mercury which is placed in 2nd house to Sun and lord of 5th Moon is placed in 7th.

Chart No. 66

Educational career not smooth-medium education

His educational career will not run smooth, and will acquire medium education.

Mercury is deposited in the house adjoining Jupiter and position of Mercury is in enemy camp.

(Mercury in the house adjoining Jupiter gives educational career but being in enemies house not smooth but gives medium education).

Father’s high position and fame

Father is in high position in life and will earn fame.

Sun representing native’s father conjunct with Jupiter.

Father’s marriage and attachment with another Woman

One marriage for father, but will be attached to another woman.

The placement of Moon in 7th house to both Sun and Jupiter. There are no planets on either side of the Moon. The 7th lord from Sun in the 2nd and 5th lord form the Sun in the 7th indicates one marriage for father but will be attached to another woman.

Father’s profession

Father to be a shopkeeper.

Mercury in the 2nd to the Sun.

Native intelligent

Native is intelligent.

(Mercury is adjoining Jupiter).


Will stud up to 25/27 years.

(Jupiter transit on Mercury at 25th till touches the sign of Mercury in 27th year).


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