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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 85


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father employment

Father to be employed in a government concern, occupying a decent position

Sun and Ketu conjunction

(Ketu behaves like Sun being conjoined with Sun. Ketu gives decent position).

Low paid official at 1st

He was an ordinary low paid official at first

(Sun conjoined Saturn in its own house and so 1st action of Saturn is low paid official).

Mother disease ridden

The mother is disease ridden

Moon being with Rahu.

Mother is in love with other

One should predict mother is in love with one other than her husband

If the above circumstances as only Mars is outside Rahu Ketu orbit one should pretend that mother is in love with other than her husband

Labour hard

He will Labour hard till 22nd year

Enter machinery division and get. (Jupiter contact Mars before Saturn).


As Jupiter transit over Venus.


Live up to 68 to 70 years

(In 6th round contact Gemini before Rahu and lord Mercury in 8th and transiting Leo (67-68) whose sign lord Sun in 6th).

Chart No. 65

High place in father’s sphere of activity

He will occupy high place in his father’s sphere of activity.

In this case as there is Venus in 2nd house to Sun aspected by Jupiter from opposite house (Venus in 2nd to Sun represent father profession or activity and aspect of Jupiter on Venus from opposite house mean position of native).

Many sisters

He will have many sisters.

(Jupiter having Moon next to it and aspecting Venus).

Work medical line

Native will also work in the medical line.

Saturn conjunction Ketu with Jupiter in the next sign.

Educational career – not smooth

Educational career will not be smooth.

With Moon behind Rahu in Gemini and Mars in Taurus.

(Moon in Gemini the sign of Mercury and Mercury in the sign Cancer, Moon have exchanged places and so Moon in Gemini with Rahu ahead in Cancer and Mars behind indicates the result).

Mother stomach trouble

Mother will suffer from stomach troubles.

As Moon is placed in the house adjoining Rahu.

(Probably Rahu with Sun lord of Leo the sign of stomach).

Mother undergoes operation

Later mother will undergo an operation.

(Moon having Rahu in the next house give stomach troubles but Mars in Taurus sign of Venus located in Leo gives operation. In fact Venus is depositor of Mars).


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