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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 77


Dr. Shanker Adawal


His father will have good days up to 40-48

As Sun is conjunct with Ketu

(Jupiter transit (Sun + Ketu) after the 48th year).

Brothers and sisters

He will have brothers and sisters

(Jupiter having planet after it).

One brother will suffer much in life. (Mars is debilitated)

The brother will not have family happiness. As there are no planets in the succeeding house i.e. house next or opposite house to Mars.

Marriage and job

Native gets married when he takes up a job

Venus contact Saturn first and Rahu next


At first he will take up a small job. As Saturn contact Rahu first

Later he will get a good job. When Saturn contact Jupiter in his rounds

The job will be in a trading concern. As Jupiter is in a commercial house (Gemini)

He will also serve in a trading concern of drinks like food etc. As Mars is in a watery sign in the next house to Jupiter.

In next contacts Mars in watery sign. Mars is debilitated and tamsic so the nature of drink has to be of a low order and intoxicating.


He will make much improvement from 27-28 onwards

(Jupiter in 3rd round (Leo royal sign 24 to 36) when contact (Sun + Ketu + Mercury) in Libra and afterwards Venus and Saturn and there no planets so from 27-28 onwards makes much improvement).

Land dry owned

He will also own some dry land

As there is Mars in 2nd to Jupiter

House owning (Saturn-transit)

Native will come to own a house between 47-51

When Saturn transit Cancer and Leo

(As Mars functionally indicates a house being next to Jupiter and so transit of Saturn indicates it. Incidentally Jupiter transit Mars of 49-50).

Wife suffering

His wife suffers from wind troubles

As Venus contact Saturn and later Rahu.

Chart No. 56

Intellect and education

He has a highly developed intellect, success in his educational career

As mercury who rules the intellect is situated in the house of Moon who rules the mind.


His character is governed by moral laws (Dharma)

(Jupiter with Saturn and aspect by Sun.)


He gets married in his 24th year

(Jupiter transiting over natal Jupiter and aspected by Venus).

Female partner

In case of a female his partner is employed in a financial and commercial concern on a high level

(Mars located in its own sign contacts first Sun and Venus in a commercial sign (Gemini) with aspect of Saturn and Jupiter. Financial as Venus is involved and commercial as sign Gemini is there and is of high level as Sun is there along Venus).


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