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he astral energy of May, 17 , 2012 says - Jupiter moves to the sign Taurus - it is a practical sign and depicts the qualities of BULL -FINAL IMPACT WILL DEPEND ON various parameters but be sure all will have to work harder and become more practical in outlook. Also the next 45 days will mark start or end of a period - challenge & change will be the KEY. DO TELL ME.
Today you will want to take a stand in settling issues with elders/those in authority , in matters of love / relationship/finance +communication in a way that even if it requires CUTTING /DISSECTING you would do it - you will like to face/adjust to reality.
Food For the Mind - Change is in the only constant thing in life. Do not work with yourself but with situations and the fillings in your MIND - CUPBOARD. Internalizing issues will is never good and you loose self esteem - trust the POWER ABOVE YOU - connect to him and do not get struggle with yourself internally/your negative thoughts - all the problems and solution is external - focus on the solution and not the problem which is OUTSIDE YOU -keep the inside calm by meditation . As we enter difficult times this is MY ADVICE TO ALL AND ALSO TO MYSELF as i become clearer when i write, warmly

Shanker Adawal

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