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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 76


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Brothers will not come up well

As Jupiter is in Gemini with Mars Saturn aspecting Mars shows his brother will not come up well

(Mars along with Jupiter represent brothers and both being in Gemini which happens to be an inimical sign is not good. Besides aspect of Saturn is also bad).


He will also have a sister

(Jupiter aspect Venus or it could be that Mars is depositor of Moon).

Wife short lived

His wife will be short lived

Jupiter after contact with Saturn meets Rahu in Aries, hence his wife will be short lived. (Venus carries the effect of Ketu also).

(The transit of Jupiter contacting Saturn and then Rahu in Aries has no relationship with longevity of wife. However it could be that Venus after contacting Saturn, contacts Rahu in Aries. However Venus with Ketu indicates short life for wife).


He will be employed in forest department giving instructions to subordinate.

(As karka of service Saturn is placed in Sagittarius the sign representing forest and Mars aspect Saturn so instruction to subordinate).


But at the end the native will turn to agriculture

(Saturn contact Mars and Jupiter and Sun and in the last sign of Mercury in Virgo).


A boy and 2 girls at least

Sun is strong and so next to Sun is Mercury (boy) Venus (girl) and Moon (girl).

5th house from Jupiter is Venus so a girl and elder to her is Mercury so a girl and a younger a girl represented by Moon.


He will spend an ordinary life of simplicity. (Jupiter in Gemini with aspect from Saturn).


He will own a garden

(Mercury depositor of Jupiter with Venus (garden) in the next house).


Live up to 65-70 years

(It means 6th round occupied by Scorpio with Moon in it. The lord of sign Mars in 8th and so contact is fatal and life span is 65-70 years.

Chart No. 55


He gains only ordinary educations

As Mercury is in Libra with Sun debilitated and Ketu also there.


All the same he is intelligent

(Mercury with Sun and Ketu and Venus in next house).

Good soul devoted to God

He is a good soul devoted to god

Jupiter has Mars in the next house


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