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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 74


Dr. Shanker Adawal

He owns a house at 56 – 58

(When Jupiter in 5th round transit over Mars).


Lives up to 75 years.

(In 7th round contacting Libra, the lord in 6th and in this round transiting over Leo the lord is in 8th with Venus and Rahu ahead. It is negative placement of rotated Jupiter and transited Jupiter which gives the indication of longevity having considered the overall horoscope and primary Karaka.

Chart No. 52

Father’s Employment

Father is employed in a government concern.

(Sun having Venus in 2nd in the sign Aries of exaltation of Sun).

Father Loss

In between 47 – 50 he will have lost his father.

(Sun having Venus and Rahu next to it and specially Rahu tries to gobble Sun, so when Jupiter transit Venus, Jupiter (depositor of Sun), the event can happen.

Family Happiness

From 25 to 28, he will have family happiness. He likes all.

Jupiter transiting over Jupiter in Taurus 2nd sign of zodiac representing family and there is Moon ahead in the next sign.

Earnings Spent

However much he earns, he spends it all.

(Venus located in the sign of debilitation of Saturn).

Pumps Sets – converted from property

He will have pump set on the property earned by his father and get much money out of it.

(Venus is in 2nd to Sun represent the property of father and this being in Aries sign of Mars (mechanical device or machinery) along with Rahu (out let or gate) represents property being converted into pump sets. As Jupiter in 2nd house of Venus and so he makes much money out of it).


He has two girls and 2 boys.

(As Venus is aspected by Ketu so 2 or 3 girls and Sun and Jupiter give two boys).


He will also participate in politics and spend away all earning and spend time in improving village.

(Sun karka for politics is behind Venus in the sign of debilitation of Saturn indicating the he spends away all his earning in (participate in politics as Sun in the sign of Jupiter) improving village (Jupiter next to Venus and Rahu).

Name and Fame

Great name and fame by being in the good eyes of others.

(Jupiter depositor of Sun and Sun being in Pisces and having Moon in the 2nd house).


The longevity is till 66 – 68 years of age.

(In 6th round in Libra its lord Venus in inimical sign with Ketu in it. Venus surrounded by inimical planet Sun and Jupiter. As Jupiter transit Libra that is end of life).

Chart No. 53

Brothers and sisters

Native will have two brothers and a sister.

(Jupiter having Moon, there Mars aspecting Moon and then exalted Sun).


He will have medium education.

(The only reason that appeals is that Jupiter is depositor of Mars and associated with Mercury).


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