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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 73


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mother lives long

Mother lives long.

(Moon aspected by Sun and exalted Venus).


What he earns suffice for food.

Saturn has no planet in adjoining houses. Jupiter in Taurus only should help him. This is like staying in a forest. No planet aspects Saturn too.


His mother is not of great help to him.

In 7th to Moon Venus and Sun are situated.

Father property

He cannot get father’s property as it is little and even that he cannot get.

(Venus associated with Sun indicates father property but Venus is with Sun and its enemy, with Rahu ahead (swallow effect) so he cannot get it).


Two brothers will come to limelight.

(Probably two brothers are represented by Saturn and Mercury).

Efforts and gains

All effort and no gains in his fate.

(Mars has planet in four succeeding house including Aquarius where he is placed).

Settle down in trade

At last he settles down in trade.

Jupiter in 6th to Saturn and 7th lord from Saturn is Mercury, which is in 3rd place to Saturn. (Benefics planets in 6th, 8th or 12th are good).

Dull years

Period between 43 and 50 are dull years

(Transit of Saturn on Jupiter is not very good as its lord is in 8th and no planet after Gemini still Sagittarius i.e. 43 to 50 are dull years).

Happy functions at home

At 49 there will be happy functions at home.

(At 48 – 49 Jupiter will be transiting over natal Jupiter in Taurus belonging to Venus).

Marriage at home

At 50 – 51 will witness a marriage at home.

(Jupiter transiting in Cancer aspecting Venus).

Best years

His 50 – 65 are best years, primary rotation of Jupiter explains it and evident. Best years mentioned is relative.


4 girls and one boy.

Venus is aspected by Moon and Venus is depositor of Ketu (represents three as deciphered earlier) so four girls and a boy represented by Sun.

They will grow rich

(Venus in exaltation and Sun also well placed).

Between 50 and 56, the children will come up well


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