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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 72


Dr. Shanker Adawal


He will have 5 children of whom one boy and one girl will come up well.

(Combined with Venus there are three planets. Mercury next and Moon behind, so 5 children. Moon aspected by Jupiter and Mercury well placed and so one daughter and one son well placed and will come up well).

Chart No. 49

Obstruction in Educational career

Obstructions in the educational career are there for the native.

Venus, Mercury combination has no planet in succeeding houses and Mars, Saturn are placed in previous house.


He is an intelligent type.

(Combination of Venus and Mercury)

Job obstruction

Obstruction in obtaining jobs.

Saturn and Mars combination will give obstruction in obtaining job.

Follow his brothers

He will also follow his brothers.

Saturn and Mars combination.

Finances drain away

Wrong attachments drain away his finances.

Jupiter in sign of Taurus. (Jupiter sign of Venus means attachment and Taurus sign of finances and being an inimical sign indicates drain away of finances).


He will settle down from 27 onwards with no definite income.

(Jupiter transiting Leo the royal sign indicates settlement but as its lord Sun is in 6th with enemies and will have no definite income.

Brother business transactions

He will have brother business transactions and get ill reputation from 55 onwards.

(Mercury sitting ahead of Saturn and Mars gives brothers business transactions and as Mars and Saturn are enemies so ill reputation. In fact Sun with enemies actually gives ill reputations. Thus when Jupiter transit Capricorn at 55 there is brother business transaction and ill reputation. This will happen in 5th round.

Chart No. 50


He may be employed in a broadcasting department

Here Saturn and Mercury are in Jupiter’s sign.

He will live happily and have good promotions. He will come into possession of the house and also live happily all along his life.

Saturn and Mercury are friends and have Mars, Venus along with royal planet Sun. There would be some pins and pricks but life will be generally smooth.

For detailed prediction apply the principle explained in previous charts with rotation of Jupiter and the Karkatwa concerned etc.

Chart No. 51


This native is an intelligent person.

(Mercury having Sun and Venus in the next house being its house of exaltation).


With medium education.

(Mercury with Mars).


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