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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 70


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father will have troubles

That will be on account of the boy when father will have many troubles.

The retrograde Rahu takes 6 – 7 years to reach Sun’s position in Sagittarius.

(Rahu takes mostly 1 year 3 months to cover one sign in retrograde direction and so within 6 – 7 years reaches and contact Sun (father in Sagittarius).

Father’s Profession

The father to be a manuscript writer.

Sun’s conjunction with Mercury

Educational career

Native education continues up to 11

As Jupiter transit Rahu, Rahu becomes the cause of break of education being next to Mercury and no planet in between them. In fact Mercury has been progressed and when meeting Rahu discontinuity of education is seen.

Discontinue his education

At 11 the native discontinue his studies.

When Jupiter transit Rahu. (As Mercury progresses to meet Rahu which becomes the cause of discontinuance of education and so when Jupiter transit Rahu it gives the result of its action i.e. discontinue of education).

Education continues

Education continues in Jupiter second round from Taurus to Sagittarius

(Mercury as it progresses beyond Rahu and meets Jupiter then education continues and since there is no planet upto Ketu it continues and thereafter Moon is favourable till Jupiter transit over Jupiter in 2nd round till it comes to natal Moon the education continues crossing sign from Taurus to Sagittarius).

Education obstruction

Transit of Jupiter in Capricorn will give obstruction in education.

(In Capricorn mixed planets both friendly and inimical planet to Mercury are placed and so obstructions. Thus in this place transit of Jupiter shows obstruction to education).

Education continue

When Jupiter transits and meets Mercury in Capricorn and thereafter as there are no planets education continues till Jupiter reaches Rahu.

(Thus as Mercury progresses from Jupiter in Taurus till it contacts Moon and upto Sagittarius continuation of education is shown. Then in Sagittarius mixed planets indicates obstructions and again contact with Mercury and further having to planet till position of Rahu continuance of education is shown. These places when transited by Jupiter give similar results).

Ill fame and loss of finance

The native will suffer from ill fame and loss of finance.

When Jupiter during its transits contacts Rahu it gives these results presumably because of its position ahead of Venus and Sun.

Government Job

When Jupiter reaches Gemini it gives him government job.

When Jupiter reaches Gemini, the aspect of Sun and Saturn gives him government job.

(Here Sun and Saturn acted as karka of government and job and effect being inimical is not there. It probably may give results in other ways).

Place change

At 31 he will have change of place

When at 31, Jupiter transit Scorpio (place of Moon) he will have a change of place.

(Scorpio is a watery sign and Moon karka for change and so this result. Here counting Jupiter place 24, it should be 30, but taken as 31 and so it could be either i.e. 30 – 31).


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