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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 71


Dr. Shanker Adawal


After Jupiter crosses Ketu the native will get married

(After Jupiter crosses Ketu and meets Moon then Venus he may get married specially contacts with Venus may give marriage).

He will have loss of mother and perform her ceremonies.

He will have loss of his mother at 62 – 63 i.e. in 6th round of Jupiter when it contacts Ketu, that does not satisfy.

Progresses Moon and in 6th round it meets Rahu, so death in 60 – 72. Now in its progression when Moon comes to Capricorn and meets Mercury whose sign lord is Saturn in 12th, so death at this point is possible of mother to whom Mercury is inimical. This comes to 62 – 63 and now when this converted to transit of Jupiter it comes 6th round and Mercury has been the cause of death so when 6th round of Jupiter comes to Cancer and aspected by Mercury, loss of mother is indicated.

Transit of Jupiter

Promotion and change of place

When Jupiter transits his own place he will have promotion and transfer to another place at 36 years of age.

When Jupiter transits his own place he may have promotion and transfer to another place (Moon’s aspect to Jupiter).

(Thus contact of Jupiter to his own place after end of 2nd round gives 36 year and so as explained above it gave).


He will have promotion at 48.

(Transit of Jupiter in 4th round at its own place).

Improved Finances

At 54 – 55 he will have improved finances.

When Jupiter transit Scorpio at 54 – 55 he will have improved finances.

(Moon is leaving Venus is 2nd house and so Moon becomes his cause of increased finances).

House and family pleasure

Offers him house and family pleasure

Jupiter contact with Mars and Venus offers him house (because of Mars) and family pleasure (Venus karka of family pleasure).

Mother’s Loss

At 62 – 63 he will lose his mother and perform her ceremonies.

(Jupiter transit in Cancer sign which is 4th from zodiac and lord Moon debilitated. Here Jupiter gets aspect of inimical planet Mercury gives death of mother and aspect of Mercury from Capricorn (10th of zodiac) indicates performance of ceremonies).

Loss of wife

He will have loss of his wife in between 75 – 77.

(This means 7th round and contact with Moon does not indicate any such things and progression of Venus also no trouble till it contact Mercury through its lord in 12th but Mercury is also friendly and lord Saturn is conjoined with Venus. No problems till it comes up to Jupiter i.e. 6th round. Now when Venus comes to Gemini after crossing Jupiter’s place Taurus whose lord in 8th. But Jupiter contact with Jupiter and is having aspect of Moon may not cause trouble. Besides Venus contact its own sign. Venus and Jupiter have exchanged places and so Venus comes there and this defect of Venus being in 8th is not there. This is most important reason. Thus Venus comes in Gemini whose lord Mercury in 8th so this becomes fatal i.e. 7th round 72 – 84. In this round retrograde aspect of Rahu i.e. 75 – 77. This is when converted to Jupiter transit it comes to transit in Leo to Libra.


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