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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 69


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Sisters denied

Denies him sisters.

The combination of Sun and Venus denies him sister also.

Eldest and only son

He is the eldest born and will be the only son to the parents.

There is also Rahu behind guru (Jupiter) and hence this result.

Abortions to mother

The mother of the native will have abortions and may be able to give birth to a girl who does not live long.

Here Moon is in debility. Rahu is in inimical Aries owned by Mars. Jupiter is therefore unable to render any help to Moon. As Jupiter and Venus have exchanged places, Venus influences the 7th house to Moon, and so the mother of the native will have abortions, may also give birth to a baby girl who does not live long.

Question: if on account of the Moon being aspected by Jupiter and having Venus in front and Ketu in the back house the native mother predeceased the father.

The answer has not been clear. It appears that Moon being in debility and surrounded by Ketu and Venus should have been enough cause for the native mother predeceasing the father. However she could have been saved because of Jupiter aspect. But probably the answer is in the negative that native’s mother predeceased the father because Jupiter is not helpful to Moon due to presence of Rahu in an energy sign Aries owned by Mars.


The 7th house to placement of Moon indicates pregnancy and placement of an enemy in that position indicates abortions.

Sun and Venus weak

Sun’s position amidst enemies and Venus conjunct Mars his enemy has made both Sun and Venus weak.

Good Results – Why not.

It is wondered why Venus in 2nd and Jupiter in 7th from Moon did not offer good results.

The answer is that likely position of Jupiter on one side of the Rahu-Ketu axis with all the other planets on the other side has made the native to wander about and have impediments in education. He will go to foreign country. In the present context going abroad is positive.

Wander about and impediments in education

Jupiter outside the Rahu-Ketu axis has made the native to wander about and have impediments in education. He will go to a foreign country.

(The 2nd position to Moon also indicates source of money. Here Mars and Sun are placed in friendly sign and these planets being in 2nd to Moon represent issue of mother. Thus sons will be in good position and give money to mother. Venus is depositor of Ketu and so influence of Ketu is also indicating foreign country, and so the result. This is only on the consideration of good and friendly position of Sun and Mars next to Moon).

Money Loss to Mother

The mother’s money will be lost to others.

The grouping of Saturn, Mars and Venus next to Moon shows that mother’s money will be lost to others.

(See mother’s interpretation. Venus is a karka of money to mother being in 2nd. Above Venus was money earned by sons and went to mother. Now above sons occupied good position because of placement of planets in friendly sign and also friendly. Here between planets indicates loss of money of mother).


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