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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 65


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Perform marriages, houses etc.

Between 51-54 he will perform marriges etc. and possession fo house.

Jupiter transit over Mars gives house and transit over Sun, Venus and Mercury indicate performance of marriages more so by transit over Venus.

Troubles from enemies

Naïve will have troubles from enemies

Jupiter transit Virgo then native will have troubles from his enemies.

(Virgo is natural sign of zodiacs representing enemies.)

Good days

From 59 to 63 he will have good days

Jupiter transit in Pisces with aspect of Sun, and Jupiter and transit over Mars with no planets in Cancer and Leo indicate gooddays from 59 to 63 years.

Chart No. 42

Knowledge of the eternal

Native will get knowledge of the eternal

Saturn in Scorpio with Ketu

Government job

Government job

Sun in 11th to Saturn

(Sin in house of gains to Saturn means gains from government).

Job – nature of

Accounting of conveyances and earning therefrom.

Jupiter Rahu and Mars in consecutive house shows accounting of conveyances and earning therefrom. Mars a karka of conveyances in Gemini shows accounting and presence of Jupiter in Aries also shows conveyances. Rahu means some things smoky, thus the result.

Elder brother – none

He has no elder brother as these are no planets behind Jupiter

Brothers and sisters

He will have 5-6 brothers and sisters younger to him

Next to Jupiter is Moon (sister) Mars (brother) Sun (Brother) Mercury (brother) Venus (sister) and Saturn (another brother). Thus 5-6 brothers and sisters.

2 daughters and a boy as his children

Venus in relation to Mercury acting as wife and next to Venus is Saturn so a boy and Ketu aspected by Moon normally give 2 or three daughter and so 2 daughters. This is more appropriate

Brother and sister details

One of the brothers will be dogged type, have medium education and have no help to him

(Mars having behind Rahu behind and depositor of Saturn. Mercury and Mars related being in the same sign so medium education. No planet in 7th to Mars so no help).

2nd brother will have mental aberration

The 2nd brother represented by Mercury has Saturn and Ketu next to him. This brother will have mental aberration.

His wife will be dullard with poor memory

Venus and Mercury conjunction shows his wife will be a dullard with poor memory and as Ketu is placed in 2nd house. (Venus represents wife as conjoined with Mercury and dullard poor memory as Ketu is placed in 2nd with aspect of Moon.)

House owning

At 41-42 he will come to own a house but will not live in it

(At 42 Jupiter transit over Venus and Mercury is depositor of Mars, so he may own a house. But he will not live in it as at the time of transit Jupiter (self) is aspecting Venus and Mercury and being inimical to both does not enjoy the fruits.)


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