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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 66


Dr. Shanker Adawal

House selling

He will sell the house at the age of 54-55.

(After 12 years of acquisition i.e. at 54-55 he sells away the house as Jupiter will be transiting over Venus (karka of money) and Mercury depositor of Mars (house).

Jupiter will be aspecting both the enemies Venus and mercury and so sell away and gains money.)

Inheritance by 2 daughters

2 daughters will inherit the amount

(Venus represents one daughter and Venus as depositor of Moon represents another daughter. Thus Venus represents 2 daughters. Mercury represents Mars and so division and distribution due to effect of Mercury. Besides Venus is inimical to Mars. Thus the Venus (money) is shared by 2 daughters).

Religious ceremonies

He will have religious ceremonies performed at age of 55-60

(Jupiter transit in Scorpio having Saturn and Ketu with aspect of Moon, indicates religious ceremony. As there are no planets after Scorpio till Jupiter so religious ceremonies between 55-60).

Detached from house

He will become from house at 60

(As Jupiter transit natal Jupiter and having aspect of Venus and Mercury both inimical to Jupiter and detrimental of propellant of soul i.e. self.)


And live up to 70

It mean 6th round of Jupiter i.e. Jupiter contacting Virgo and Sun located there. Now let us examine Mercury lord of Virgo placed with friend Venus. Mercury is depositor of worst enemy Mars and aspected by Jupiter another enemy. Mercury is not happy as he left its exaltation sign Virgo. Venus is not able to sustain who is also weak because of Sun before it and mercury. Besides Mercury is also depositor of Sun. Thus with so many odds, 6th round is fatal. In this round there is transit it Aquarius where there is no planet. Its lord Saturn is in inimical sign with aspect of enemy Sun. The lord of sign where Saturn is there in 8th in inimical sign. Thus Saturn has become very weak and so Aquarius also. Thus he dies at 70. In Scorpio at the age of 67 when Mars in the 8th it could have been fatal too.

Chart No. 43

Born in one place and livelihood to another place

The native will be born in one place and migrate to another place and make his livelihood there.

(Probably Jupiter is retrograde and so this result.)


He will deal in diamond and old jewellery

(Saturn having Venus in 2nd house with aspect of Mars an enemy from Gemini sign.)

Troubles to mother and brother

During his childhood when 2-3 years old, he would have brought troubles to his mother and brother

(Jupiter transit on Moon with Rahu indicates trouble to mother at 2 years. In 3rd year contact with Mars and Saturn in opposition means trouble to brothers).

Native nature

He is trustworthy person and has a brother and a sister

(Jupiter having Moon in next house indicates that he is trust worthy and Jupiter having Moon in next also means a sister and Mercury in 7th means brother. Besides Jupiter being in the sign Aries also indicates that he is honest.)


He will have only medium education

(Mercury having Saturn in the next house.)


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