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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 64


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Law knowledge

Indicates law knowledge

Conjunction Mercury, Venus and Saturn Ketu indicate knowledge of law.

Results of Rahu placement next to Jupiter. In fact the disciple wanted to know what result of Rahu’s placement next to Jupiter would indicate.

The master says the parent (father) of the native (Sun) is in Virgo a friendly sign placed and Mercury conjunct Venus indicates the father before had marital relations with the sudra woman. (Venus next to Sun indicates a woman). It is also that Venus is depositor of Rahu and so a Sudra woman. It could be understood that father could have relations with a Sudra woman, but premarital why? Probably Jupiter indicates the eldest Sun with no planets behind and retrograde Rahu contacting Jupiter and giving the result before the birth of native. However this needs more study and research.

(The above reason can be replaced as follows. It is to be seen that whatever relationship Venus has with Rahu it indicates premarital relationships. Here Rahu is next to Jupiter, since Rahu aspects Jupiter and the Jupiter with effect of Rahu aspect Venus therefore there is influence of Rahu on Venus, and so there is influence on Venus sitting next to sun (fther). Pre-marital relation of father, as Venus is also depositor of Rahu hence a Sudra woman).

Chart No. 41

Father’s profession

Parent was dealer in costly dresses etc.

Sun is placed in Virgo with Venus and mercury in the next house. (Sun in Virgo business, Mercury dress and Venus costly.)

Native great intellect

Endows native great intellect)

The conjunction of Venus and Mercury endows great intellect.

Educational career impediments

Impediments in educational career

In the next house to Mercury Saturn and Ketu placements show impediments in educational career

(Mercury having Saturn and Ketu in the next house).


He will be employed in 24 years

(Jupiter transiting natal Jupiter with aspect of Venus and Mercury.)

And rise high at 30

(Jupiter transiting on natal Venus and Mercury with aspect of Jupiter).

Tradesman capacity

Endows native with tradesman capacity

Saturn in next house to Venus and mercury with Jupiter in Aries aspected by Venus and Mercury in Libra.

Business – printing etc.

He will later on take printing machinery and do business and earn considerably

With Mars in Gemini, he will later on take printing. Machinery and do business and earn considerably

(Mars is karka for printing and machinery and Gemini for business).

Children profession

One son will occupy a judge place and another will follow the father’s profession

The one represent by Saturn and having conjunction of Ketu with mercury and Venus in rear with aspect of Jupiter will be a Judge. The one represented by Mercury and having Sun in the rear or Mercury becoming depositor of Sun will follow father’s occupation.


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