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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 106


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Marries a wealthy lady.

(Venus meets in next house only Ketu).

Chart No. 88

Native religious minded and principled

So the native is naturally religious minded and a man of principles.

As Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting each other.

Legal knowledge

Endows the native with judicial (Legal) knowledge.

With Ketu behind and then exaltation sign is in front of Mercury, endows the native with judicial (legal) knowledge.

Love of god and charitable

He is lover of god and charitable in nature.

(Ketu in the exaltation sign of Jupiter).

Obedient to father

He is obedient to father.

(Ketu in exaltation sign of Jupiter with Sun in next sign).

Follows Profession of father

He follows the profession of his father.

After contacting Sun and Mercury Saturn comes across Jupiter

Highly prestigious place

And at this age of 34 the native will assume a highly prestigious place.

As Jupiter in the 3rd round with exalted Mars in very prestigious. In 3rd rounds Jupiter contacts Sun in lord along with Venus and so the result 34-33/34.

Raja’s yoga

Raja yoga begins at 31-32.

(As Jupiter contact Ketu in Cancer with aspect of exalted Mars at 32 years).

Father and grandfather fame

He will outshine his father and grandfather and earn name and fame.

(Sun the karka of father is exalted in Aries whose lord is exalted and depositor of Jupiter. Also the same Mars is conjoined with Rahu and exalted. Rahu karka for grand father. As the depositor of Jupiter is exalted or Mars exalted is to be joined by Jupiter so he will earn lot of fame and name. In fact Mars has been responsible for raja yoga).

Sister honored by government fame

One of his sisters will be honored by government and earn riches.

(Venus representing sisters is along with Sun in Leo and Jupiter a head).


He lives up to the age of 70 years.

(In 6th round contact Aries sign and is lord Mars exalted obviously may not be fatal through with Rahu. The only reason that appears that in the next house Saturn is there and in friendly sign. However as Saturn is outside Rahu Ketu axis and separated from Jupiter (Jeeva or self) and so before reaching Saturn he should be separated from work or karma so he could die before contacting Saturn. In 6th round while transiting Virgo the lord Mercury is in 12th sign. Thus in 6th round Jupiter transit in Virgo gives the end of life).

Shanker Adawal

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