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The astral energy of May , 26 ,12 says - Your thoughts will sway between emotions and practical thoughts in taking major decisions with respect to family/finance / love / authority - elders.
Thought For The Mind - Spirituality is the practical way to lead a contended life .This is all in your mind . God is not a concept but the mother - father or source of all energy that we can feel -think - observe - experiment - whatever. The most important thing that drives everything including spirituality is an another invention which is MONEY . The ORDER - STRUCTURE - COMPETITION - COMPARISON - STANDARDS etc drive all actions .While dealing which applies to the RICHEST - POOREST is that we must REMEMBER are are also an energy from the SOURCE - WE PLAY A ROLE - THE ROLE IS SEPARATE FORM THE ENERGY - KEEP PLAYING THE ROLE CREATIVELY - DETACHED - ENJOY IT - CHANGE IT BUT DO NOT LET THE EQUILIBRIUM WITHIN YOU BE DISTURBED FOR LONG .This disturbed equilibrium within is called EMOTIONAL TURMOIL . The sad part is that those who are trying to sustain the BODY where the SOUL/ENERGY rests and are ABLE TO JUST MANGE THE FOOD - CLOTH - SHELTER part need to understand this philosophy / concept BUT there is NO ONE to tell them - they do not have the MONEY . Can we do it with our servants/the poor whom we meet - the exploited ones. Let us understand that MAXIMUM expense is done today in keeping the IMAGE of the GURUS/SPIRITUALISTS - they need wealth foremost - they are not done away with it - we only must understand that while we deal with the WORLD PLEASURES we MUST STAY DISPASSIONATE AND EXTERNALIZE THEM . THE WET & WILD SYNDROME CAN NEVER BE KEPT AWAY FROM MANKIND THOUGH WE MUST DEAL WITH A CONTENDED SELF INSIDE IF POSSIBLE - TRY IN SMALL THINGS FIRST - TEACH THIS TO THE POOR AND THOSE EXPLOITED ---- .
WILL BE AT VRINDAVAN tomorrow - Shri Krshna is served by the Brahnins with all kind or rituals & rules though he told us the meaning of love - expansion - packing up - cooperation - judgement & balance - emotions - face - adopt - adapt & bear the brunt - HE TELLS TO LIVE LIFE IN THE WORLD BUT INTERNALLY TRY TO BE AT PEACE ----- . THE SAGES HAVE MADE IT AL COMPLICATED THOUGH -------------
Shanker Adawal
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