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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 105


Dr. Shanker Adawal


68 or 70 yrs.

In 6th round (60 to 72) Jupiter, contact Pisces whose lord Jupiter is in 8th from Pisces but also very weak, so 6th round is fatal. In this round transit in Cancer whose lord Moon in 8th and with Rahu in an inimical sign. So longevity 68 to 70 years.

Chart No. 87

Native intellectual type

Native is an intellectual

Venus and Mercury in Taurus.

Study taken lightly

Mercury having Ketu in next house.

Father is rich

He has a rich father.

Sun has 3 planets in Taurus.

Extraordinary clever native

Native is extraordinary Clever

(Mercury and Venus together).

Native rich and famous

Native too becomes rich and famous

(Jupiter joining Mars and there combination of 4 planet i.e. Saturn Venus, Sun and Mercury or Saturn is depositor of Jupiter and comes in contact with four planet with Ketu in 2nd).

Legal knowledge intuitively

The native acquires intuitive legal knowledge.

As Ketu is in 2nd house to Saturn, Venus and Mercury combination (Ketu is karka for intuitive knowledge).

Income through government source

His income will be through government source.

(Jupiter is in sign of Saturn having Ketu in 2nd house i.e. Saturn is depositor of Jupiter with Ketu in that 2nd house).


He will get married.

(Venus conjoined with Saturn depositor of Jupiter).


Will own a beautiful house.

(Jupiter having Mars in 2nd house).

Foreign countries and earnings

Go to foreign countries and earn well.

(Saturn depositor of Jupiter having Ketu in the next house with aspect of Moon. Ketu indicates foreign visit and added to it aspect of Moon confirms earnings in foreign country).

Yoga, good days

Yoga begins at 25th year.

(When Jupiter transit over Mars in the 2nd round).


60 years.

(Jupiter in 6th round when contact Gemini whose lord Mercury is in 12th. As Jupiter transit its natal Rahu, just in the start of 6th or and or 5th round).


4 or 5 children.

From Jupiter these are 4 planet and Mercury depositor of Ketu. Thus 4 or 5 children or next to 4 planet is Ketu with aspect of Moon and so 4-5 children.


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