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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 104


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Educational career

Early disappointment in the educational career, he will pick up legal knowledge and also the father’s knowledge.

(Mercury associated with Mars gives early disappointment in educational career. As Mercury progresses it comes in contact with Venus, Ketu and Jupiter and so the result as Venus and Ketu are 2nd to Sun i.e. father’s knowledge).

Bright days

The 20 – 21 he will have bright days.

(Jupiter is transiting in Gemini with Sun and Mars and Mercury combination in the 2nd house).

Earn money and gets name and fame

After 23 he will earn money and gets name and fame.

(Jupiter is transiting in Virgo surrounded by Venus, Ketu in Leo and Jupiter in Libra or the lord of the transited sign in the 11th). In fact transit of Jupiter in Leo at 22 should have given result but its lord Sun in 12th. Primrily because of this reason Jupiter has to give the result of the lord of sign of Gemini i.e. Mercury when transiting Gemini. It obviously could not have given result when transiting Cancer as its lord Moon was in 8th. Thus when Jupiter transited Virgo with Jupiter in 2nd and Venus, Ketu in 12th with Mercury in 11th gave earning of money fame and name. Position of Jupiter in the 2nd gave name and fame.


He will marry between 23 – 25 ages.

(When Jupiter transit in sign Libra owned by Venus the karka of marriage).

Father troubles

At his age of 37th and 45th the father will have troubles.

(In this case progresses Sun the karka of father. As Sun progresses and comes to Leo its own sign with Venus and its enemy. But Sun is stronger. In Virgo it is normal but coming to Libra it assumes an extra ordinary situation. It is first in its sign of debilitation and aspected by debilitated Saturn. The only support is of Jupiter though weak being in Libra. Now here because of Sun coming in Libra, a situation of exchange of between Venus and Sun is created and Venus subtle effect comes on Jupiter and so completely weakening the effect of Jupiter. Thus the father of the native will have maximum troubles in 4th round i.e. 36 – 48. Now in this round Sun coming to Leo with enemy Venus and opposed by Rahu is not good and so trouble some, so 37th year. He may have trouble even at 39th year but the maximum problems may be when transiting over debilitated Saturn with its lord Mars debilitated. Jupiter aspect is not so strong so as to compensate it. Thus at 45 the year father had troubles. This corresponds to transit of Jupiter in 4th round in Scorpio and Leo which are also not good. In Scorpio Mars is debilitated and in Leo lord Sun in 12th from its place. For father’s fate rotate Sun but as explained, it should correspond or be confirmed by rotating Jupiter as explained).

Wife of Native

The native’s wife well be learned.

(Venus in sign Leo royal sign with Ketu and depositor of Jupiter).

Property – half to native and other half to sister

The native will get half the property of his father and the other half will go to his sister.

(Venus represents property and sister both. Normally only sister would have got it but Venus is depositor of Jupiter and inimical to it. So property is divided and so it means shared between native (Jupiter) and his sister (Venus).


He will have 2 boys and 2 girls.

(Sun is strong and associated with Mercury and Mars (2 boys) and next Venus aspect by Moon. Thus 2 boys and 2 girls. Sun is karka of children. Besides Moon is in 5th from Jupiter, so one daughter. Moon aspect Venus and so one more daughter 12th to Venus is Mars and Mercury and so 2 boys).


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