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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 103


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mother died in 5th year

The mother who gave birth died in his 5th year.

The native represented by Jupiter has Rahu and Moon in the 5th house.

Father – Fortunes

At about 9 – 10, the natives father came by vast fortunes through various means and even through foreign commercial relations.

Sun is conjunct with Mars and Mercury in 10th house from Jupiter and Venus, Ketu in the next house to Sun.

(Sun is conjunct with Mars and Mercury indicates that father came by vast fortune through various means (Mercury indicates various means) and this being 10th from Jupiter so in the 10th year. The foreign commercial relations are indicated due to presence of Venus and Ketu (foreign) in the next house which indicates source of money).

Native was 3rd wife’s son

He helped the boy to be reared up by the 3rd wife of father.

The placement of Venus (lord of Jupiter placement) by the side of the Sun in a watery sign helped the boy to be reared up by the 3rd wife of the father.

The father comes into possession of hidden wealth.

There is wealth coming into possession of Sun (father), could be because of Venus being second to Sun. The question is whether it is hidden wealth or through and unknown woman, because of conjunction of Venus (woman) and Ketu (unknown) Hidden wealth because of Venus (karka of wealth) and Ketu (hidden). In either case Ketu is a karka of hidden or unknown. Only Venus in this case becomes woman or wealth. It all depends if Venus is weak or Sun. If Sun is weak then Venus is strong and wealth would have been from unknown woman. If Sun is strong and becomes an effective depositor of Venus being in watery sign and Cancer indicating deep well and below the ground then the wealth would be from the source of under the ground i.e. hidden. Here obviously depositor becomes important. Here of all above combinations only Sun is powerful (as it has to go to Leo) being in its friendly house and being depositor of Venus (wealth) indicates that source of wealth is from watery place from undere the ground it is hidden. This is what Sun does as a depositor besides being karka of father and becomes adjective of Venus (wealth) to be possessed by Sun (father).

The part of hidden wealth would have been spent in a bad way.

As discussed above Venus gave hidden wealth. Here the result of planet deposited reacts with depositor depending on their mutual relationship. Here Venus is depositor of Jupiter and Jupiter is bitterest enemy of Venus, so tries to waste or destroy Venus. Besides Jupiter is further spoiled being aspected by Saturn. Now Venus becoming depositor of such a Jupiter is naturally spent in a bad way. The relationship of the planets deposited and the depositor is extremely important. It may give to take.

Father gets hidden wealth.

He comes in possession of hidden wealth.

The combination of Ketu and Venus with Sun in the rear gives hidden wealth. The wealth is hidden because of opposition of Venus with Ketu.

The native suffers

So during the 5th year the boy will suffer from windy stomach trouble and cold and nervous debility.

The boy was born when Jupiter occupied the house of Venus Libra. Moon was in Anisthamsa at birth (conjunct Rahu). So during 5th year being 5th from Jupiter the boy will suffer from windy troubles, cold and nervous debility.


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