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Today's Astral Energy

The astral energy of May , 24 says - the process of taking decisions in critical issues may get blocked with too many thoughts , insecurities and greed .

Food For The Mind
- It is important to sit without any judgement and putting expectations to one side - then watching the flow of your thoughts and desires - keeping yourself connected with the SUPER POWER ABOVE - look at these thoughts - the TUTOR within you will tell those that have to be dealt and ones that have to be abandoned - this is meditation - silence within you when you sit for 10 minutes will guide you better than the GOSSIP - ADVICE OF OTHERS - EXTERNAL JUDGEMENTS - try this please - 10 minutes to yourself in solitude - anywhere everyday . Happiness is a state of mind . Comforts help your physically for sure but not mentally . A bigger BED cannot change the sleep but time with yourself can change the pattern of your internal sleep for sure . A great day , Live Mindfully.

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