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Vastu Shastra: Vastu Remedies, Chapter X, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

19. Poster of crying girl, war scene, sexy scenes, angry man, owl and eagle are considered inauspicious. In case you have one at your home, replace it immediately.

20. As for the doors, if you have doors that open outwards, replace them immediately by those that open inwards.

21. Vastu Dosha is a proposed defect or deficiency in the familiar features of the eight directions and these directions have been empowered with characters based on an assortment obtained from the Panch-Maha-Bhutas. However, Vastu Dosha signifies spoiling and characters of the directions under circumstances. Also, such doshas are closely related with Panch-Maha-Bhutas associated qualities of mind, soul, and human body. It is possible to settle down the ill effects through `Sadhana’ or meditation.

Looking very closely, these qualities have the ability to provide a shield exhaling from the human soul that could protect the concerned person from ill effects of vastu doshas. However, this idea is especially effective when the human efforts are put forth for wanting obstructions made by the vastu doshas. Thus, meditation practices can serve and purpose as they are gaining popularity with innovative techniques in meditation.

Let’s take into account the vastu remedies for flats and homes that are needed for the constructions that are made against the principles of vastu. At times, it happens that an act done by a man out of inexperience harms him a lot and such remedy seems to be highly impossible. Some of the remedies in getting relief from the problems are discussed below:

1. If a canal or river flows in any direction other than facing north-east direction of the home and having an anti-clockwise movement, it is better to set the statue of Ganeshji in a dancing state facing towards the west on the north-east area of the house.

2. If a factory or a house has a wrongly faced boring direction, a Panchmukhi Hanumanji picture can be placed facing the boring’s south-west.

3. While entering in to the flat, if a bare wall is seen, either a statue or picture of Ganeshji must be placed on it as a bare wall signifies loneliness. Hence, it is advisable not to leave the wall without anything on it.

4. Now, let’s taken in to consideration the effects when particular rooms are constructed in a wrong direction. Firstly, a kitchen room would aptly be good in a south-east direction and the water tap in the kitchen to face the north east direction. On the contrary, if the kitchen faces the north east direction, it restricts mutual love and peace in the family. Moreover, the cooking direction should remain only towards the east and it would be better if the food to be cooked on the stone is red. Also, if a tube well is not fit at a desirable direction, it causes deficit of women, stomach, and sexual problems among the men. The remedy to this is to fit the tube well or well in the north-east direction and it has to be ensured that the place remains open at the house’s lowest level. In case of toilets, it can be constructed towards the west or south with face facing the north or west during discharging stool.

5. If your body is watery then you are suggested that then you are suggested that you should the native should make the ageneya direction more strong in his bed room. Here he is advised to install a red coloured fluorescent lamp which should continue to glow. This would help the native in two manners, firstly he would rise in his work and secondly he would observe a tremendous change in his health.

Vastu Remedies are widespread in every particular area and one can best use of them by consulting with vastu expert before starting the construction of flats and houses.


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