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Vastu Shastra: Vastu Remedies, Chapter X, Part - 1

Chapter 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

With life becoming tougher and more complex, buying a flat or constructing it as per vastu shastra has become a next to impossible task. Such a situation is especially seen in big cities and metro towns, wherein the pressure to purchase plots and buildings are extremely high. As such, your home is bound to have certain vastu defects or dosh. While it is not possible to change or alter the position of everything in the house, minor changes can be done. By making minor changes in the interiors and using regulators or charged objects, one can bring back peace and happiness in life. In the following lines, we have provided some vastu remedies that would surely act beneficially and bring about a positive change in your life.

Remedies For Common Vaastu Defects.

Auspicious signs, symbols and rituals

1. Swastik sign can be drawn above the Entrance, Pooja Room and Study-Room.

2. Decorate the entry with mango-leaves, banana-leaves, coconuts, flowers, etc.

3. Picture or Statue of Lord Ganapati can be placed inside the House, facing the north direction in the House, above the entrance, Worship Room and Study Room.

4. Tulsi plants should be kept in the House, in Brahmasthana, in Western/Southern sides.

5. The first construction in the house should be done by the help of a perfect priest with complete rituals.

6. Duly ritualized Vastu Yantra may be Kept in the Pooja-Room.

7. Maha Lakshmi Yantra may be kept with due rituals.

8. Black-Horse Shoe be kept in the House or fixed on the wall above the entrance.

9. Tantrik and various rituals according to necessities can be made by engaging competent persons.

10. Tantrik rituals are not to be practiced by Common families as the same deserve high proficiency and authenticity, and the same would not work or be beneficial to the families in general, unless guided and performed by authentic and proficient persons.

11. In case you have a drain or a river nearby the house which is flowing in a direction other than the north-east direction and has anti-clockwise movement, the best bet would be to place a statue of dancing Ganeshji facing the west on the north-east corner of the house.

12. If the boring of your building or house has been placed in the wrong direction, it is best to have a picture of Panchmukhi Hanumanji, facing South-West to the boring.

13. If while entering your home you have a naked wall, place a statue or a picture of Ganeshji. Remember, a naked wall is a sign of loneliness and hence the good way to conceal it would be with the statue or a picture of Lord Ganesha.

14. In case a high voltage overhead wire passes over you house, erect a plastic pipe filled with lime from one corner to the other in such a manner that both its end would remain outside by at least three feet each. This would eliminate the evil effects of energy, being generated out of the overhead wire.

15. A toilet, built at the eastern corner at the `Ishan’ angle, causes a lot of diseases to the inmates. For this, construct a toilet mainly towards south or west. The face should be towards the north or west, while discharging stool.

16. In the kitchen, place the grinder, fridge, shelf and other heavy items towards south and west wall.

17. If you are facing health problems, check your bed. As per vastu shastra, one should always use bed with four legs. Box type bed stops air circulation and is the foremost reason for bad health.

18. Placing pyramids is an effective and pocket friendly way of curbing all the vastu defects of a house or a building. These are installed in strategic locations in the house such as the center of the house, a specific room or even an energetic key point. It balances the electromagnetic field of the human aura, thereby harmonizing mind, body, spirit and environment.


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