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Vastu Shastra: Vastu Remedies, Chapter X, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Progeny as per vastu
It has been observed that vastu of the premises play an important role in creation of progeny. In this regard vastu of bed room is most important and it should be remedied at the earliest for creation of progeny. It has been observed that after vastu rectification the couple was blessed with a baby. The readers are advised to see whether there is any vastu dosha in their bedroom. Here we are giving some precautions to be observed for vastu of your home for progeny.
1. The very first thing the newly married couple should take into notice that they should not make their bedroom in the agenya direction (south east). Child conceived in such a room may born as handicapped. It may be worth mentioning here with the bed in the bed room should not be in agneya direction. The native should choose the colour of his bed room as per his zodiac sign. The ishan (north east) direction of the room should be kept vacant. In addition the native should dress his bed as per the direction of zodiac sign in his natal chart. Here we would like to advice the native that if there is any imbalance in ishan direction of house and bed room then the native should get it remedied at the earliest. By observing these petty precautions the native will be blessed with a child.
2. If you have a double bed of modern style in your bed room then it is not good for marital relations and creation of progeny. It creates differences between the couple. Hence, it has been advised that the couple should use such a mattress on such bed which did not have any joint and the bed looks as a single piece.
If Sun is posited in 6th house of the chart then native should not keep any hole pierced for admitting light in the room or a ventilator. If Sun light enters the room from the western side of house then the male progeny will not survive.
Vastu Yantra
Now a days people are very much concerned with the Vastu of their houses, offices, business establishments etc. Even while consecrating a tank, temple, garden, a bridge, a tree or an idol, vastu God is worshipped. To rectify the Vastu Doshas Vastu Shastris recommends the physical changes in the building structure which are especially important because these changes most directly effect the overall energy situation. Secondly, the vastu shastris uses mirrors, different elements, precious stones, herbs, and other means in order to influence the quality of the energies. This also yields a sustaining effect and a noticeable improvement of the well being of the people living in the building.
However, another deep level of Vastu is the karmic plane, focusing on the combination and interaction of planetary influences inside the house. Such subtle means of correction are effective because Vastu qualities mainly effect the subtle plane and therefore one can also find counteractive means on this plane. Yantras have been used in Vastu for thousands of years in order to balance defects on the energetic and karmic plane. To worship the vastu devta one should form the Vastu Mandala. Vastu Yantra is also worshipped when there is dread of plague or a disease, fear of demons, of any evil destroying children, fear of accidents, voracious animals and imbalance of energy of five elements.

Dhyana Mantra for Vastu देवता

prqHkqZta egkdk;a tVkef.MreLrdeA
f+=ykspua djkykL;a gkjdq.My’kksfHkreAA
yEcksnja nh/kZd.kZ ykse’ka ihroklleA
xnkf=’kwyij’kq[kVokMax n/kra djS%AA
vflpEeZ/kjSohjS% dfiykL;kfnfHkozZreA
‘k=w.kkeUrda lk{kknq?knkfnR;lfUuHkeAA
/;k;snsoa okLrqifra dwEeZineklufLFkreAA
Chaturbhujam mahakayam jatamanditamastakam!
Trilochanan karalsyam harakundalasobhitam!!
Lambodaram dirghakarnam lo, asam pitavasasam!
Gadatrisulaparasukhatvangam dadhatam karaih!!
Asicharmmadharairviraih kapilasyadibhirvrtam!
Satrunamantakam saksadudyadadityasannibham!!
Dhyayeddevam vastupatim kurmmdpadmasanasthitam!


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