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Vastu Shastra: Vastu and Lal Kitab, Chapter IX, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

If balance is 1, it would indicate Jupiter-Sun in H. No. 1 The house will be excellent like a king’s.

If balance is 2, it will be indicator of Jupiter Venus in H. No. 6, Ketu No. 6, and poor like a dog. Remedy of Jupiter, Venus No. 6, and Ketu No. 6.

Balance 3, it will be lion faced. (Front broad, near short). Effect will be Jupiter-Mars No. 3. Excellent for males, works of Mars, Mercury. But unlucky for women and children. But for a woman who has not given birth to a child or living without children, or sleeps only at night, it will not have any malefic effect. A lone woman is Venus No. 3 and Mars, Saturn have outward friendship. Hence husband-wife without children are not affected. Such a house is not good for children since Mars No, 3 and Ketu No. 3 have hostile relationship. If children have to stay, establish yellow flowers (Jupiter) in the house.

Balance 4- Saturn-Moon No. 4 together poor like a donkey. One toils whole day without getting food at night. Remedy of Saturn Moon No. 4.

Balance 5 is like Sun-Jupiter No. 5. A cowshed wherein women, children get their comfort and relief. Venus will give full benefic effect. It forms a fish line. If front is small and rear is broad like an ox, even then it is considered a cowshed.

Balance 6 is like Sun-Saturn No. 6 and malefic effect of Ketu. Neither mother nor father nor children/friends get/give relief. Even guests cause trouble, remedy of Sun Saturn No. 6 or Ketu No. 6.

Balance 7 is like Rahu No. 7 (elephant). Elephant shed, excellent animal shed, helpful Rahu.

Balance 8 is Mars-Saturn No. 8 wherein eagles roam like in a funeral ground. All worldly relations/comforts come to a naught. Remedy of Saturn, Mars No. 8.


East facing - Entry door is most auspicious. All comforts and good luck.

West facing - Second degree excellence.

North facing – Auspicious for long journey, worship, Spirituality.

South facing – Most inauspicious and harmful. Especially for those with Saturn No. 3. Cause of death for women. Even males do not remain happy. Like fire in a jail which destroys all inmates. A place for bachelors, widows and place for awaiting death. For a person living in South facing house, he should donate a goat or items of mercury now and then (at least once a year). It will save the inhabitants form disease, mischief, financial losses. Girders of entry gate if they are in the direction of the entry would be auspicious. If number of girders when divided by 4 yield one, it will be a roof of Lord Indra. If balance is 2, it will of Yamraj, 3 of Rajyoga.

Following items will give auspicious/benefic effects

Seat/drawing room in middle of eastern wall; fire place or safe for valuables in South of South-East corner facing westward, water source place of worship- North East, fire on right side of water container. Vacant space for guests on west, water on right side of exit, fire place on left or near very corner, side of house is fixed place for every planet. If enemy items are established in the fixed place of a Planet, they will not give benefic results. For example, for Moon in H. No. 4 is North east corner. If, in the North-East direction one keeps an iron box (Saturn), it will pollute the effect of Moon. If there a peepal tree inside a house or near it (and not in the walls of the house), the same should be worshipped for benefic results, If it is not served, it would prove malefic. Same is the case of a well. If there is a well, some milk or sweets should be respectfully thrown in it now and then. If it is polluted, it would prove destructive. A kicker tree in the house will make one devoid of progeny. For protection against its malefic effect water it in early morning (before sunrise) for 40 Saturday continuously and thereafter now and then.

A house built on a graveyard, will generally prove damaging for progeny. For removing its malefic effect, a well should be dug within 40/43 steps on the eastern side while sitting North west on its roof. A corner house (from where a passage ends) or a house in which air enters directly from a public place, would be inauspicious for children and wife. Evil effects of Rahu-Ketu would be a common occurrence. It will be a place where wife cannot stay, a place of abode for the blind, widower, and those suffering from arthritis. While sleeping, the pillow should be on eastern side. During daytime, Sun gives help and during night, Moon. Feet facing South East would be harmful and inauspicious. Sleeping in a place, where passages are close or there is no air passage will cause blindness.

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