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Vastu Shastra: Vastu and Lal Kitab, Chapter IX, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

8. If according to annual chart, Saturn has benefic relationship with Rahu/Ketu (by aspect or being conjoined,), Saturn will cause houses to be constructed. If the relationship between Sun, Rahu and Ketu is malefic, built houses will be damaged or sold out. H. No. 2 gives clue to condition of houses, and H. No. 7 gives clue to comfort in the houses. A house made in `Pushya Nakshattar’ is auspicious for generation after generation. After construction of a house, worship/donation is a must.

9. Before constructing a house, make a water line on the land, embed a utensil full of Moon items (rice) for 40/43 days and judge its impact on family. Saturn will show its effect after number of days in which house No. Saturn is posited. If any untoward incident like sudden serious sickness, litigation or any other tragic development takes place, dig out the utensil; throw it and its content in flowing water- Evil will pass off. But abandon the idea of building a house there since, house made on that land will cause havoc to the family.

Saturn No. – Effect

1. – Crow line effect on construction of house. Poverty, misery, destruction. If Sa turn is benefic (House Nos. 7, 10 blank) then excellent results of house construction.

2. – Whenever made, the house is auspicious.

3. – Unless one rears 3 dogs, one will not be able to make a house.

4. - Mother’s side, grand mother, mother-in-law adversely affected.

5. - Self constructed houses will destroy progeny. But houses made by sons auspicious. If one has to construct a house one should donate living things of Saturn (male buffalo) before laying the foundation. It would be advisable to construct a house after age of 48.

6. - Construction of house advisable after 39 (age of Saturn). Otherwise relatives of daughters will be destroyed.

7. - Will acquire ready made houses. If about to sell, preserve the doorstep from sale. All sold out property will come back.

8. - Starting construction of a house will ring death bells. Effect of Saturn will be determined by Rahu and Ketu.

9. – Self made house during pregnancy of wife or other will cause havoc on father. Completion of 3rd house will bring his own death.

10. – Saturn will continue to give wealth equal to the value of house to be constructed. But once a house is constructed, Saturn will stop giving anymore wealth.

11. – House will be constructed late around 55th year of age. If house is South facing, long painful disease/death.

12. – Snake and monkey do not make their homes. Now they too will learn to make house. A number of houses which will be auspicious even if Sun is with Saturn. One should not resist construction of a house. A square house will be most auspicious.

Type of House

A Square house would be most auspicious. Following are considered unlucky 3, 5, 8, 13, 18 and empty space like the shape of fish’s stomach (Fish like ( ). They are like a man without arms, brings death, widowhood. A 3, 13 corned house gives results of Mars negative. It would harm brothers and relatives (death, due to capital punishment\natural\accidental or fire may take place). No. 13 is like s scaffold. Death and fire recur. An 18 cornered house destroys Jupiter (gold, silver).

5 Cornered house brings unhappiness and misery to children.

8 cornered house is like Saturn No. 8. It will bring tragedy and disease, and destroy Jupiter (gold, silver). Fish like house would give crow line affect. Progeny will reduce, leaving the man issueless.

Before constructing a house, measure its covered area. Its number will be counted as:

[(Length + Breath) x 3]-1 = No. of House in the natal chart 8

E.g. (15+7) x 3 = 66-1 = 65/8 = 1

If Balance number is odd, 1, 3, 5, 7 it is considered auspicious. If it is even number 2, 4, 6 then it is inauspicious. For them remedies would be necessary.


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