Vastu Shastra: Vastu and Lal Kitab, Chapter IX, Part - 1

Chapter 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Lal Kitab has also discussed vastu which is based on Samudrik Vidya. Here we are giving some interpretations from lal kitab which is purely based on vastu Shastra.

Residential House as per Planets

1. Jupiterian House: An airy house not facing North-South. The courtyard on one side of the house and not in the centre. A peepal tree or a place of worship either be in the house or in close proximity.

2. Solar House: An East facing house meant to receive sunlight. Courtyard in middle, water source on right side near exit gate and fire place in courtyard.

3. Lunar House: A well, pond, flowing water inside/adjoining or very near the house.

4. Venusean House: Opposite to Solar house. Entrance porch/entry gate facing North-South having white plaster. Some part of house Kuchcha.

5. Martian (positive) House: Mars moves along Sun, Jupiter, Moon like a sentry. A North-South house with entry gate (for entry of males, females and animals) Kuchha or pucca (cemented or uncemented).

6. Martian (negative) House: A South facing house. Tree along with the house of shade of a tree falling on it, sweetmeat shop or a furnace or funeral place nearby. Neighbours issueless, if not himself.

7. Mercurial House: Vacant ground around the house of a lonely house. Trees with broad leaves. Would not have Jupiterean lunar trees around. If there are such trees, they will make Mercury inimical. (Peepal-Jupiter, Banyan-Jupiter-Moon, Berry- Mercury).

8. Saturnine House: A bounded house opposed to Sun, facing West. Dark room on right side, after entry. So long as there is no light in this room, Saturn gives benefic effect. There would be a big stone in the house an entry steps would be made of old wood. May be having pillars too.

9. Rahu House: A big covered earthen hole on right side while entering. Water exit at entry point of house. Opposite house owner issueless or uninhabited. Its roof changed many a times. A furnace, source of smoke or dirty water pool in close proximity.

10. Ketu House: A covered house with dirty air coming in. Ketu gives clues to windows and doors. Its three sides may be open. Not more than three sons/grandsons in the house. A two way path nearby/a fallen house in neighbourhood or a place for dogs to roam about.

Remedies for residential houses

1. If in a house a place for hearth has been made for some marriage etc, its burnt soil should be thrown in flowing water. In such a house if a child with Mars No. 8 is born, his birth will destroy the family.

2. It is advisable not to have any idols at home. They better be in a temple. Only pictures of God may be kept. If there is a temple in a house, and a child with Jupiter No. 7 is born, misery will be fall on the family.

3. In the dark room (store) of the house there should be no inlet for light. Such a skylight can cause havoc. If the roof of dark room is to be changed, first cover it with a new roof and then change the old one.

4. If there are any ditches/empty utensils for decoration, keep some dry dates or sweet things in them.

5. One must have some kuchcha space in the house. If there is no kuchcha space, establish Venus.

6. A South facing house is inauspicious for women. The direction of the house should be changed. Only a small inlet may be left there.

7. Planets in Houses No. 1 to 9 show their effect on the right side (from entry gate) of the house. For example it Saturn is No. 4, Sun No. 2, the second room on right will be a place for items of Sun (like grains, jiggery or Sunshine). Fourth room will be of Saturn having safe, iron, wood, place of death of younger paternal uncle. The doors/roof of this room would be made of old wood. If in room No. 2 (Sun H. No. 2). Sun is established, Room No. 4 will be generally a place for the sick and ailing.


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