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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 45


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father to be honoured by Government and occupy a high position

Sun in 2nd house aspected by Jupiter in Aries (Sun is the karka of father and has house to Venus and Mercury in 2nd), Venus is depositor of Sun and Venus going there will add to value of father. In fact Venus is Sun representing government and so Sun is going to join Sun. (On top of it Jupiter from Aries is aspecting this Sun and so this result. He occupies a high position as Venus adds to the value of Sun. Despite Sun being debilitated its value has increased because Venus being depositor of Sun with exalted friend in a previous house aspected by Jupiter from Aries.

Father will have some landed property

Since Mars occupied the next house to Sun owned by lord (2nd house is house of property and finances and so position of strong Mars in 2nd to Sun shall give landed property (Mars karka of landed property) to father.

Father having a government job

Saturn and Ketu in Cancer the entrance to Leo owned by Sun. (Sun apparently have no relationship with Saturn (karka of service) excepting that it is in exaltation sign of Saturn (karka of service) and it is to be taken a connection than combination of Saturn and Ketu in Cancer at entrance to Sun (Leo sign) which may give a government job. Besides sign Leo owned by Sun is in father’s place.

Native will have a decent job and own property earned by his father

Jupiter, karka of self in Aries aspected by Sun from the sign of exaltation Libra besides Venus the karka of money with exalted Mercury is in a next sign of Leo the seat of father where Sun was supposed to be and Venus becomes depositor of Sun. As such Sun gets the result of Venus which aspects Jupiter. It appears more appropriate that Venus is depositor of Sun and is ready to join Sun the karka of father which in turn aspects Jupiter and so he gets property of father. Decent job could be that Sun in the sign of exaltation of Saturn aspecting Jupiter).

(Sun is having Mars in 2nd house and so father owns property. As Sun aspects Jupiter so the native owns property earned by father).

His finances will be secured and earned with very little labour.

(Sun is in the house of Venus with exalted Mercury. Sun aspects Jupiter and so money earned with very little labour and secured finances. From Jupiter 6, 7 and 8th are all occupied forming a great adhi yoga).

Saturn transit on Jupiter will take him to a height

(Saturn transit on Jupiter means Aries sign where Saturn is debilitated but it will be aspected by Sun from Libra. Sun gives the result of Venus and this could be that Venus in Libra aspects Saturn. Besides Sun will not be aspecting Saturn from its sign of exaltation, but will be aspecting its sign of exaltation where Jupiter is sitting).

At end of life will own a religious institution by sea side

Mars is property or house and Mars depositor of Jupiter indicates a religious institution. So a relationship between Mars and Jupiter indicates a religious institution and Scorpio a watery sign and so sea side.

He will spend a happy life up to 68 – 73 in institution

(End of life may come when Jupiter transits in Libra over debilitated Sun whose depositor is in Virgo the 12th sign and time will be 72 – 84 years. In 73 year Jupiter will be transiting in Taurus whose lord is debilitated and cause of death (Venus). Here it is aspected by Mars representative of religious institution. So the native lives up to 73 years and dies in the institution).


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